Detroit Lions DE Romeo Okwara fires back against DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic comments

As you have almost certainly heard by now, Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson recently posted some anti-Semitic comments, causing him to come under heavy scrutiny and to be disciplined by the Eagles. Jackson has since deleted his comments and apologized.

Since then, not many NFL players have come out publicly to fire back at Jackson and what he had to say, but Detroit Lions DE Romeo Okwara has.

Anti-Semitic comments towards the Jewish community are and will always be completely unacceptable. As a fellow member of the NFL, I am incredibly embarrassed for the huge mistake DeSean Jackson made. We must all continue to educate ourselves and fight against ignorance and hatred of all types. As we fight for equality in the black community, we can’t step on the necks of another. It is important to speak up in times like these and I want to thank @zbnfl for his leadership on this very important matter. There is no place for hate in this world!

H/T to Jeff Risdon at LionsWire for digging this up.

Written by Arnold Powell


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