Detroit Lions dedicate play to Martha Ford at Training Camp [Video]

The Detroit Lions paid homage to Martha Ford on Sunday during their training camp practice.

In a heartfelt display of respect and affection, the Detroit Lions orchestrated a moment of honor for their former owner, Martha Ford, during their 2023 training camp on Sunday. The Lions' camp, a breeding ground for budding talent and advanced strategies, bore witness to a touching tribute, celebrating the unswerving devotion of Ford to the team.

Martha Ford Detroit Lions

A Surprise Visitor

Martha Ford, the former Lions' owner, was the special guest of the day, creating an atmosphere of admiration and respect across the training camp. Lions' head coach, Dan Campbell, took it upon himself to pay homage to Ford's commitment. In an act caught on camera, Campbell strolled over to Ford, seated comfortably in a golf cart, and shared that the Lions had dedicated a special play in her name.

The Dedicated Play Unfolds

This play saw quarterback, Jared Goff, screaming, “Martha! Martha! Martha!” before the snap. He then executed a perfect handoff to running back, David Montgomery. After the play, in a symbolic act of acknowledgment and regard, Montgomery walked over to Ford and handed her the ball. Overwhelmed with the gesture, Ford expressed her joy and love for the tribute.

A Tribute to Martha Ford's Legacy

Martha Ford's connection with the Lions is deep-seated and historic. After the demise of her husband, William Clay Ford, in 2014, Martha took the reins of the team. She held the mantle of the Lions' owner for six years before stepping down in 2020. Despite the Lions' struggles during her time as owner, Ford's dedication to the team and its betterment has been the backbone of the Lions' ethos, and it continues to resonate with each player and staff member.

Three Key Points

  1. Martha Ford attended the Lions' 2023 training camp as a special guest, where she was honored with a dedicated play.
  2. Head Coach Dan Campbell and players Jared Goff and David Montgomery orchestrated the play, culminating with the handoff of the ball to Ford.
  3. The tribute is a testament to Ford's lasting legacy with the Lions, a journey that began after her husband's death and continued for six memorable years.
Martha Ford Detroit Lions

Bottom Line: Paying Homage To Martha Ford

The tribute to Martha Ford reflects the Lions' homage to a woman who has played an integral role in shaping the team's character. The “Martha! Martha! Martha!” play and the symbolic handoff of the ball stands as a testament to Ford's enduring influence on the Lions.