Detroit Lions defense defeats Detroit Lions offense 63-27 in scrimmage

Detroit Lions defense defeats Detroit Lions offense: According to reports, the defense DOMINATED during Tuesday's scrimmage.

Detroit Lions defense defeats Detroit Lions offense 63-27 in scrimmage

Prior to Tuesday's training camp practice, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell told reporters that the practice would be intense, and it was exactly that as the offense scrimmaged the defense. According to a report from, the defense dominated the four-quarter scrimmage on their way to a 63-27 (approximate score) win over the offense.

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What Happened?

The following is based on the observations of According to the report, the “defense earned points for stops and turnovers, while the offense rotated between the first and second units.” 

First Half: Shifting Dynamics and Defensive Resilience

During the Detroit Lions' live scrimmage, the first half showcased a dynamic interplay of impactful moments. The initial drive saw the first-team offense secure a touchdown against the first-team defense, highlighted by David Montgomery‘s impressive run and Riley Patterson‘s successful extra point. Challenges emerged as the second possession, led by Teddy Bridgewater, faced a missed field goal attempt and featured a standout defensive hit from second-year linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez.

Notably, Brian Branch stood out on defense, deflecting a pass and triggering a series of defensive stops. Undrafted rookie safety Brandon Joseph's interception added points for the defense, while rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs‘ touchdown provided a glimmer of offensive promise. Tight end Sam LaPorta‘s commendable performance rounded out an energetically dynamic first half.

Second Half: Defensive Dominance and Offensive Surges

The second half of the scrimmage witnessed a dynamic interplay, with the defense asserting dominance for much of the quarter, leading to a commanding 40-17 advantage. The offense secured points through a field goal, but the series concluded with a Goff interception. Despite challenges, the Detroit Lions' offense displayed resilience, staging a strong comeback featuring Bridgewater's touchdown pass and Reynolds' impactful run. Goff faced another interception, yet amidst these dynamics, Montgomery's run stood as a beacon of optimism, reflecting the scrimmage's evolving nature and commitment to excellence. The defense ultimately secured a resounding 63-27 victory.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Defensive Dominance: The Detroit Lions' recent scrimmage showcased the team's defense asserting its prowess over the offense. In a highly intense practice session, the defense exhibited strong performance, securing points through stops and turnovers while consistently challenging the offensive units.
  2. Intriguing Dynamics: The scrimmage highlighted shifting dynamics as the offense and defense battled it out. The first half witnessed the offense making initial strides with a touchdown, followed by a series of defensive stops that showcased the resilience and strategic play of the defense.
  3. Offensive Resurgence: Despite the defense's strong performance, the Lions' offense showcased resilience and determination. Quarterbacks Teddy Bridgewater and Jared Goff played pivotal roles in rallying the offensive unit. The second half saw the offense making strides with successful field goals and a touchdown pass, led by Bridgewater, illustrating their capacity to bounce back and find momentum. Despite that, the defense won 63-27 (approximate score).

Bottom Line: A Tough Day for the Offense

According to the report from, the Detroit Lions' defense dominated the offense on Tuesday, which is certainly impressive considering how each of the units performed in 2022. With that being said, the offense was without their top weapon, Amon-Ra St. Brown, which obviously hurt the offense's chances in the scrimmage.