Detroit Lions Eyeing All-USFL Center Jake Lacina

Detroit Lions Eyeing All-USFL Center Jake Lacina: Find out about the center the Lions could soon add to their roster.

Detroit Lions Eyeing All-USFL Center Jake Lacina

According to prominent NFL insider Aaron Wilson, the Detroit Lions are turning their attention to Jake Lacina, the center who made waves in the USFL this past season. The move follows Ross Pierschbacher‘s unexpected injury during the Lions' preseason face-off against the New York Giants.

Detroit Lions Eyeing All-USFL Center Jake Lacina

Jake Lacina's USFL Impact

Jake Lacina found himself playing in the recent seasons of the revived USFL. His skill was acknowledged when he became the first center to be drafted by the New Jersey Generals. In 2022, Lacina's performance was paramount in the Generals leading the league stats, with a whopping 160.6 rushing yards per game.

Detroit Lions Roster Moves

In light of recent changes, the Lions made adjustments to their team, including waiving Logan Stenberg, who had contributed as a center and guard. Following this, cornerback Tae Hayes was also waived, leaving a slot open. The speculation is that Lacina will fill this void.

Dan Campbell Believes in USFL Players

Here is what Dan Campbell recently said about the value of USFL and XFL players:

“I think it’s the development to be able to play and then find this talent and bring them in and now let’s see if they can play at this level against this competition,” Campbell said. “I think it’s huge. It’s big. Because ultimately, you can try to develop (in the NFL), you can do all these things, but if you can’t play the game and get reps after reps of real-time game, it’s hard to accelerate it.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions are reportedly considering Jake Lacina, a standout center from the USFL, following recent team injuries.
  2. Jake Lacina has shown remarkable progress, from his time at Augustana College to making a mark in the USFL.
  3. Coach Dan Campbell values the experience players gain in leagues like the USFL as vital for NFL-level competition.

Bottom Line: Time Will Tell

Only time will tell if the Lions will see enough out of Lucina in his workout to sign him to a contract, but it sure does seem like he could help the cause with Piersbacher going down with an injury. Stay tuned!