Detroit Lions fans: Stay home for Thanksgiving and force Martha Ford’s hand


Detroit Lions fans,

How many times have you heard or read those exact words over the years?

How many times have you gotten your hopes up only to have those hopes crapped on by an incompetent Lions organization?

Yet, year after year we come back, sip back some Lions’ Kool-Aid and get ready for another season. A season that we know damn well will end with our hearts being broken.

Lions’ Nation, it is time to make a statement that Lions’ owner Martha Ford and her family will hear loud and clear so changes are made.

Each year on Thanksgiving Day, we participate in one of the greatest traditions in the NFL as the Lions host a football game in Detroit.

Some of us even spend our hard-earned money to attend the game, missing spending time with our families to support an organization that could care less about us.

This year, that all stops.

I am asking for Lions fans to make a BOLD statement to Martha Ford by boycotting the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day. Instead, stay home and celebrate Thanksgiving with your family, rather than with a franchise that continues to be a joke.

If we do so, Martha and her family will be forced to make a move to better the organization that we all love.

We will always love the Detroit Lions but we also deserve a franchise that is trying to move forward rather than a franchise that is satisfied with incompetence.




Written by Don Drysdale

I am a fan of all Detroit sports and LOVE to write about them!


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