Detroit Lions fire back at Twitter troll following ignorant comment

If you partake in social media, specifically Twitter, you are well aware that there are plenty of trolls who attempt to throw shade at everyone they can, including the Detroit Lions.

In general, whoever runs the Twitter account for the Lions just ignores the trolls, as they should, but every now and then, they fire off a tweet that destroys the troll involved.

What did the Detroit Lions tweet?

On Wednesday, the Lions tweeted out a video of Dan Campbell talking about Jared Goff (the NFL's leader in TD passes) and saying how he is “playing at a very high level.”

Well, a fella by the name of Bill Loraff decided to troll the Lions by making the following comment:

“Get a new offensive coordinator who knows what plays to call.”

Well, the Lions' social media genius was not about to let that slide, and they quote-tweeted Mr. Loraff, explaining to him that offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is currently the play-caller for the No. 1 scoring team in the entire NFL.

Ladies and gents, do what you have to do on Twitter but don't make yourself look like a fool like Bill just did.

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