Detroit Lions get double-boost vs. Baltimore Ravens

Detroit Lions get double-boost vs. Baltimore Ravens. This will certainly help the cause!

Detroit Lions get double-boost vs. Baltimore Ravens

The 5-1 Detroit Lions are about to receive a much-needed boost vs. the Baltimore Ravens with the expected return of rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs and defensive end Josh Paschal. Both players, after their respective injuries, have the potential to be game-changers for the Lions this coming Sunday against the Ravens.

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Dan Campbell on Jahmyr Gibbs

Gibbs, who missed the last two weeks due to a hamstring injury, is set to make his comeback this weekend against the Ravens. On Friday, head coach Dan Campbell expressed his confidence, emphasizing that Gibbs will need to shoulder a significant portion of the workload in the absence of starter David Montgomery, who is sidelined with a rib injury.

“Certainly, I think, he's gonna need to take the load of (the carries), we're just gonna need to see where he's at,” Campbell said. “I'd like to say we're gonna be careful with him but the reality of it is we need him. We'll go as far as he can take us here, trying to be as smart as we can but he's gotta go. He's ready.”

“We really haven't to be honest. There's a few things we think he does well that certainly will carry, but ultimately we're gonna keep what we do well and what our O-line does well, our tight ends,” Campbell said. “Because we believe he can, we don't think he's just some, you've got to get him on the perimeter, he's not an inside run, we don't believe that. We're keeping the identity of what we do, the core of what we do in the run game. That won't really change.”

On the defensive front, the Lions also anticipate the return of Josh Paschal, who has been sidelined since the season opener due to a knee injury. Though the extent to which Paschal will play is not known, getting him back is certainly some great news for the Lions.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs is set to return for the Detroit Lions, bringing hope to their ground game.
  2. Starter David Montgomery's absence due to injury means Gibbs will play a significant role in the offense.
  3. Defensive end Josh Paschal's comeback offers added strength to the Lions' defense against the Baltimore Ravens.

Bottom Line – A Potential Game-Changer

The impending return of Jahmyr Gibbs and Josh Paschal offers the Detroit Lions a fresh sense of optimism. Their presence on both offense and defense could significantly impact the team's performance. As the NFL season unfolds, the Lions find themselves on the cusp of exciting possibilities.