Detroit Lions get SCREWED SIDEWAYS by NFL officials on 2-point conversion attempt [Video]

Detroit Lions get SCREWED SIDEWAYS by NFL officials on 2-point conversion attempt [Video]

Detroit Lions get SCREWED SIDEWAYS by NFL officials on 2-point conversion attempt [Video]

If freaking happened again against the Dallas Cowboys!!! Just moments ago, the Detroit Lions had a golden opportunity stolen from them when the NFL officials screwed them sideways on what would have been a game-winning 2-point conversion attempt to Taylor Decker. Instead, a flag was thrown for illegal touching on the Lions. When all was said and done, the Cowboys escaped with a 20-19 win.

Detroit Lions get screwed

What Happened?

As you will see in the video below, Taylor Decker is seen approaching the referee prior to the 2-point conversion, almost certainly reporting himself as an eligible receiver. Jared Goff then finds Decker for what should have been the go-ahead conversion.

As you will see in the videos below, Taylor Decker sure did appear to report as an eligible receiver for the conversion attempt. In fact, one video even shows Goff telling Decker to go and report as eligible!

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Controversial Call: During a crucial 2-point conversion attempt by the Detroit Lions against the Dallas Cowboys, Taylor Decker, reportedly having declared himself an eligible receiver, caught a pass from Jared Goff that could have been the game-winner. However, the officials flagged the play for illegal touching, negating the conversion.
  2. Video Evidence: Multiple videos circulating on social media seem to support the Lions' case. They show Decker approaching the referee before the play, presumably to report as eligible, and even depict Goff instructing Decker to do so, suggesting the call might have been incorrect.
  3. Impact and Aftermath: The controversial decision had a significant impact, as the Lions lost 20-19 to the Cowboys. This incident adds to the frustration within the Lions organization, known for facing contentious officiating decisions.
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Bottom Line: Screwed Again!!!

The Lions always seem to be the team that gets screwed by the officials and that is EXACTLY what happened against the Cowboys on Saturday night. Unfortunately, the call is not reviewable and the Lions have to move forward and focus on their upcoming game against the Minnesota Vikings, and eventually a home playoff game. One thing is for certain, you can bet your bottom dollar that Dan Campbell will use this as fuel to the fire that will propel the Lions forward!