Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes Calls Out Specific Beat Writer During End of Season Presser

WHOA!!! Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes Calls Out Specific Beat Writers During End of Season Presser.

Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes Calls Out Specific Beat Writer During End of Season Presser

In a move that breaks from the norm, Detroit Lions General Manager Brad Holmes has openly criticized specific media members for their past assessments of the team's draft choices. During a nearly 40-minute season-ending press conference, Holmes took a moment to reflect on the 2021 draft class, now that three full NFL seasons have passed, providing a fair timeline for evaluation.

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What did Brad Holmes Say?

Surprisingly, he named and challenged the opinions of beat writers who had previously questioned his draft decisions, specifically highlighting the selections of Penei Sewell and Derrick Barnes, as well as calling out the criticism over waiting until the fourth round to draft a wide receiver and the initial skepticism towards Ifeatu Melifonwu.

“I'll go back to the 2021 Draft, alright? The '21 Draft, each pick from that Draft was very intentional. The reason I go back to that Draft, a couple reasons,” Holmes said. “For one, we just finished the 2023 season. That's when you're supposed to grade a Draft, not the day after a Draft. When you look back at those picks, and those picks were not welcomed by many in this room. 

“Dave (Birkett), you wanted us to pick a quarterback, you didn't want us to pick Penei Sewell. People didn't want us to wait until the fourth round to draft a wide receiver,” Holmes continued. “People didn't want to wait on a Derrick Barnes to develop. But every single move was intentional and was made with intention.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Brad Holmes reviewed the 2021 draft, emphasizing the intentional strategy behind each pick.
  2. Holmes called out specific media members for their initial criticism of his draft choices, highlighting the development and contributions of players like Penei Sewell, Derrick Barnes, and Ifeatu Melifonwu.
  3. Holmes's critique serves as a call for accountability among critics of the Lions‘ draft strategy.
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The Bottom Line – Patience Pays Off

In essence, Brad Holmes’s candid critique of the media's rush to judgment on draft day serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of building a competitive NFL roster. It's a declaration that the Detroit Lions are playing the long game, prioritizing strategic fits and player development over the immediate satisfaction of draft-day accolades. Holmes's call for accountability from his critics underscores a broader truth in professional sports: success is often a slow burn, and premature evaluations can miss the mark. As the Lions continue to build on their strategic foundations, the message is clear—patience and precision in the draft process are key to lasting success in the league.

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