Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell has message for upcoming opponents

Dan Campbell has message for upcoming opponents: You have to LOVE this mentality!

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell has message for upcoming opponents

The Detroit Lions find themselves in an unfamiliar position—leading the NFC North and playing at a high level within the conference. This is a situation they haven't experienced in quite some time. After a convincing 34-20 victory over the Packers, which marked their third prime-time win in five games dating back to last season's finale, head coach Dan Campbell was asked how his team would handle the transition from being the hunters to becoming the hunted.

Dan Campbell has message for upcoming opponents

What Message is Dan Campbell Sending?

In his trademark gritty style, Campbell responded, “We’re not the hunted, because we’re going to stay on the hunt. If you are hunting us, you don’t have to look for us. We’re going to be on your front porch when you open the doors.”

Why it Matters

It's been six years since the Lions held the top spot in their division, and the team is determined to maintain this momentum despite a history of struggles. They are focused on the present and the challenges ahead, including their upcoming game against the Carolina Panthers. Additionally, the NFL's revised gambling policy has provided a boost, with wide receiver Jameson Williams having his suspension commuted, potentially making him available for next Sunday's game against the Panthers.

Detroit Lions starting offense

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions, currently leading the NFC North, are determined to maintain their competitive edge.
  2. Coach Dan Campbell emphasizes their continued aggressive approach to stay on the hunt.
  3. The team remains focused on upcoming challenges, including their game against the Carolina Panthers, and benefits from changes in the NFL's gambling policy.

Bottom Line – The Roaring Lions

Coach Dan Campbell's bold statement reflects the Lions' newfound confidence and determination. As they aim to build on their early success, their resilience and aggressive approach make them a team to watch not only in the NFC North but in terms of being a Super Bowl contender! Yep, I said it!