Detroit Lions hire new assistant coach, who proceeds to throw up in trash can

Prior to Friday's practice, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell announced that Addison Lynch has been hired as an assistant coach.

The Detroit Lions have hired a new assistant coach.

Prior to Friday's practice, Lions head coach Dan Campbell announced that Addison Lynch has been hired as his new defensive quality control coach.

From Raiders 2021 media guide:

“In his first two seasons (2018-19) with the Chargers, Lynch was tabbed as the club’s quality control — defense coach. He worked primarily with current Raiders linebackers coach Richard Smith, helping the position group with drills throughout practice, while also assisting former Chargers and current Raiders defensive coordinator Gus Bradley with team presentations and breaking down film of the club’s upcoming opponents. Lynch is credited with helping rookie standout S Derwin James make an easy transition from the collegiate ranks to the NFL, en route to earning first-team All-Pro.”

And from the sounds of things, Lynch, who previously coached with the Raiders and Chargers, is already fitting in perfectly as he has already done his 40 up-downs.

Detroit Lions hire Addison Lynch as new assistant coach

Prior to Friday's practice, Campbell talked about how Addison Lynch is going to be an asset for the Detroit Lions.

“I saw the beginning of it and then I started walking – I thought he did pretty good. I will say this about him, so the DBs were in there and they were – he had been announced in the DB room the night before and (Pleasant) AP had kind of announced him and so they’re all like, ‘40 of them things, man, 40,’ and he just walks in the door right, and so he’s like, ‘What are you guys talking about?’ And so, he finally figured it out and he’s like, ‘I’ll do them right here.’ He was going to do them on the carpet in the meeting room and (Lions Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn) AG’s like, ‘Oh, hold on. We’ll do them out in the –.’ So, he was great, man. It’s good to have him, he’ll be an asset for us.”

According to Jeff Risdon of Detroit Lions Wire, after Lynch completed the 40 up-downs, he proceeded to puke in the nearest trash can as Dan Campbell smiled!