Could the Detroit Lions be interested in TE Jordan Reed?

Prior to the 2019 NFL season, Detroit Lions GM Bob Quinn completely overhauled the team's tight end room by selecting T.J. Hockenson in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft and signing free agent Jesse James.

The hope is that Hockenson and James would make things difficult on opposing defenses, but that did not exactly happen as Hock got hurt and James was nearly non-existent.

Now, I truly believe that Hockenson will become a top tight end in the league before long but James, and the other options the Lions currently have, do not impress me one bit.

So, the question is, should the Lions be looking to add a tight end like Jordan Reed?

According to a recent report from Ian Rapoport, Reed, who formerly played for the Washington Redskins, has three teams interested in his services and I would not be completely shocked if the Lions were one of those teams.

Now, let me be clear. Just because the Lions could be interested (they may not be) does not mean I want them to make this move.

Reed has a history of injuries (he has never played a full season) and though he certainly has shown flashes of brilliance, signing him would be a risk.

That being said, it always comes down to money and if Reed comes extremely cheap, Quinn may want to roll the dice.

Nation, would you like to see the Lions take a chance on Jordan Reed?