Detroit Lions land DE Maxx Crosby in proposed trade

Detroit Lions land DE Maxx Crosby in proposed trade: Find out what one blogger believes it would take for the Lions to land Crosby.

Detroit Lions land DE Maxx Crosby in proposed trade

The Detroit Lions, with their promising 3-1 start to the 2023 season, are now looking like potential contenders in the NFL Playoffs. Amid this backdrop, one Detroit Lions blogger has floated a trade proposal that could make a significant impact. The proposal suggests that the Lions acquire defensive end Maxx Crosby from the Las Vegas Raiders. While the financial implications and logistics of such a deal are complex, it's the potential impact on the Lions' Super Bowl aspirations that has fans buzzing.

Detroit Lions land DE Maxx Crosby

The Suggested Trade Proposal

One intriguing proposal comes from Detroit Lions blogger Mike Payton, who suggests a trade for Las Vegas Raiders' defensive end Maxx Crosby.

Crosby, who signed a lucrative four-year, $94 million contract in March 2022, has been an integral part of the Raiders' defense. However, trading him before the October 31 deadline would come with financial challenges for the Raiders due to a substantial dead money hit. The Lions, on the other hand, have the cap space to accommodate Crosby's contract.

Payton's proposed trade scenario involves the following:

  • Lions get: Maxx Crosby and a 2024 6th-round pick
  • Raiders get: James Houston, a 2024 1st-round pick, a 2024 third-round pick from the Vikings, and the 2025 4th-round pick from the Eagles. 

While the trade proposal has sparked quite a bit of chatter among Lions fans, there are uncertainties surrounding such a significant move. Lions GM Brad Holmes would need to be convinced that this trade would position the team as serious Super Bowl contenders.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions blogger Mike Payton proposes a trade for Maxx Crosby.
  2. Crosby's contract and financial implications present challenges.
  3. The trade could make the Lions Super Bowl contenders.

Bottom Line – A Roll of the Dice for Super Bowl Glory

As the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline approaches, the potential acquisition of Maxx Crosby represents a bold roll of the dice for the Detroit Lions. While the trade proposal generates excitement, it also raises questions about the team's readiness to contend for a Super Bowl. If General Manager Brad Holmes believes the Lions are one player away from Super Bowl glory, this trade could be the catalyst for an unforgettable season.