Detroit Lions named as ‘logical fit’ for 3 former 1st Round picks

As the Detroit Lions continue their quest to build a competitive team, the prospect of acquiring these former first-round picks presents an enticing opportunity. While each player comes with their own set of circumstances, their talent, and potential impact cannot be overlooked. Whether it's adding a veteran presence with DeAndre Hopkins, strengthening the interior defensive line with Ed Oliver, or unlocking Chase Young‘s untapped potential on defense, adding any of these players would highlight the Lions' commitment to winning immediately. That being said, acquiring any of the above players would come at a cost that may be too steep for Lions GM Brad Holmes to pay.

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Key Points

  • The potential acquisition of former first-round picks presents an enticing opportunity for the Detroit Lions to build a competitive team.
  • DeAndre Hopkins could bring a much-needed veteran presence to the Lions' receiving corps, despite concerns about his recent injury history and salary.
  • Ed Oliver's contract year with the Buffalo Bills opens up the possibility of strengthening the Lions' interior defensive line by reallocating his salary and providing additional weapons for quarterback Josh Allen.
  • Chase Young, although plagued by injuries, still holds immense upside, and the Lions' defensive-minded approach could make them a suitable destination to tap into his potential.

Adding a Veteran Presence to the Receiving Corps

The Detroit Lions have been identified as a potential landing spot for several former first-round picks, according to Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports. One notable player linked to the Lions is wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. While Hopkins remains an elite technician when healthy, he has missed a significant number of games over the past two seasons. Additionally, his upcoming season's salary of almost $30 million at the age of 31 raises questions. However, with the Lions in need of playmakers on offense, Hopkins could bring a veteran presence to their receiving corps. Despite the potential financial implications, his exit from the Arizona Cardinals would save the team an instant $8.9 million. Hopkins still profiles as a borderline No. 1 receiver and could be a valuable addition for a contender.

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Strengthening the Interior Defensive Line

Another player that has drawn attention as a potential target for the Detroit Lions is defensive tackle Ed Oliver. Currently entering a contract year with the Buffalo Bills, Oliver could be seeking a lucrative extension after witnessing massive deals for veterans like Javon Hargrave in the open market. While Bills coach Sean McDermott would ideally prefer to retain Oliver as they make another push for a title, the Lions could capitalize on the situation. By reallocating the $10.8 million owed to Oliver in 2023, the Lions could strengthen their roster and provide additional weapons for quarterback Josh Allen. Although parting ways with Oliver earlier than anticipated may not have been on the radar, it presents an intriguing possibility for both teams involved.

Unlocking Untapped Potential on Defense

Defensive end Chase Young, who was taken as the second overall pick out of Ohio State by the Washington Commanders, has also been linked to the Detroit Lions. Young showcased his potential by earning a Pro Bowl selection as a rookie, but injuries have hampered his performance since then. Washington declined to exercise his fifth-year option, leaving the door open for other teams to pursue the talented pass rusher. The Lions, known for their defensive-minded approach, could be enticed by the opportunity to tap into Young's immense upside. While the terms of a potential trade remain uncertain, the Lions might be willing to offer something of value in the hopes of revitalizing Young's career and bolstering their defense.

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At what cost for the Detroit Lions?

While the idea of adding players like DeAndre Hopkins, Ed Oliver, or Chase Young is enticing for the Detroit Lions, the cost of acquiring these former first-round picks may be too steep for General Manager Brad Holmes to pay. The Lions must carefully consider the financial implications, potential trade demands, and the impact on their long-term goals. While these players could undoubtedly contribute to the Lions' immediate success, it remains to be seen whether the team is willing to make the necessary moves to secure their services. As the offseason progresses, Lions fans will eagerly await any developments in the team's pursuit of top-tier talent.

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