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Detroit Lions CB Carlton Davis called out by Former Buccaneers player

Detroit Lions CB Carlton Davis has been put on blast by a former Bucs player.

Detroit Tigers LF Riley Greene makes INSANE catch to take away home run [Video]

Riley Greene makes INSANE catch to save a couple of runs for the Tigers!

Detroit Red Wings D Moritz Seider Has The Flu In Advance Of Matchup vs. Capitals

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Detroit Lions Defense was terrible, & “Rip” Malcolm Rodriguez had a solid game [VIDEO]

Detroit Lions
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Detroit Lions First Quarter/half Was A Mess

Butler: The Detroit Lions, let’s get to it here, boys. First quarter. The first half, to me, was a pretty uneventful game. I was a little frustrated, obviously. Pretty sure you guys were too. Seattle just chewed the clock up there in the first half.

I thought the game was gonna be over in literally an hour and 15 minutes the way it was going. But What’d you think of the first quarter, Rick? Does anything really stand out to you? 

Detroit Rick: Yeah, our freaking defense couldn’t stop shit. So I knew there was gonna be rough for us because we’re missing so many offensive players, and granted we are, we’re missing Walker on the defense.

But I thought for sure that our defense would keep us in this game. I don’t think Hutchinson’s name was even said one time; I don’t even know what’s going on. We could not stop the run. And then one touchdown. Nevermind. It’s just our defense didn’t show up until late.

Butler:  What do you think Matthew means? I’m missing this No longer SOL now.

Neil: Yeah. It cuts off. I was hoping that you could see more than that. Cause I was. Only the Detroit Lions, maybe Matthew, if that’s what it is. If it’s, 

Butler: Yeah. Matthew put something in there. Okay. Mvp sports debates Goff balled out in the defense via YouTube. Balled out in the defense. Forgot to show up to work. I think we’ll talk about that later for sure. Oh, there we go. Matthew updated his thing. Only the Detroit Lions. 

Detroit Rick: Yeah, he did. You were sitting in a, we’re sitting about watching a game, and I, this first drive, I thought, oh my God, this can’t be happening right now.

They had their way with us. The first half, actually, not just the first quarter. They had a; they had their way with us. I’m like, ah, 

Neil: they had their way with us through the whole game. So many times, I looked at the scoreboard, and I was like, It’s only that bad, right?

Detroit Rick: Yeah, exactly. And Neil said that to me. He goes, We should be getting crushed right now. We’re not by 10. We should be getting crushed.

Butler: Yeah. I said that the entire first half. I was like, I don’t believe it’s not worse. 

Neil: Yeah. It was a weird game, man. They’re putting up points. They’re scoring.

Does let me, okay, let me ask? Let’s see if Deshaun is watching. Was this a loss on Goff today? Was this a QB loss, or was this a defense loss?

Butler: Cool. Defense. Never heard of her.

Neil: How many? No, I’m dead serious. I’m dead serious. And I’ll go back; I’ll go back to the previous regime with previous players and stuff like that too. And it’s the same argument that I gave for them on their behalf is so throughout the entirety of Stafford’s career in Detroit. The defense gave up 28 points a game, and they scored 21, 22 points a game.

We scored 45 points today, and we lost. That has, Okay, so I’ll say, I won’t say zero, I’ll say very little. But it has very little to do with Jared Goff. He did throw that one pick-six, which was a bad pick-six. We get that ball back, and it’s a different ball game, a different score, a different story.

Who knows how it plays out at that point? But you don’t go out into many games like the Lions are scoring on a relatively historic pace right now, and it’s really impressive.

Butler: But we’re, they’re number one in the NFL. 

Neil: But we’re one in three. 

Detroit Rick: I know. Yeah. They’ve gotta fix that. Cause someone said, you keep losing close games. Keep losing close games. Keep losing close games. Our record is still one in three. 

Butler: Can I ask you guys a question? Why is it we always get somebody named Andy on these that hate the Detroit Lions? It’s so weird. I constantly remember the guy we used to have that used to listen back in the day when we were just, Oh yeah. And this is Andy’s back every week. He’s just super negative. Andy, I don’t like your negativity, man. 

Neil: I love him; I don’t wanna call it negativity; I wanna call it honesty. He’s, because he said, cause what did he say? It’s not like he said F lion or anything that he says Hutchison is 

Detroit Rick: overrated.

And what did I say? We didn’t hear; we didn’t hear Hutchins name one time today, Andy with an I. We didn’t hear, and we did; he’s a rookie. What? It doesn’t matter what we are about; we had “Rip” Rodriguez like seven times. So he’s a rookie, and he’s a six-round pick. 

Neil: Anybody with the last name Bosa that comes in as a rookie and they put up they are talked about constantly because they’re constantly performing.

We’ve seen inconsistent performance outta Hutchinson. And I think at a number two pick, we expected more than inconsistency. 

Butler: No, I agree. I agree. So the Detroit Lions went and got the ball back after Seattle scored. They went three and out. Then old Rip Rodrigo forces the fumble, which was awesome to see.

He had a decent game. Yeah, A really big game. He, I think that one time he missed was, I don’t know if it was Geno Smith or the second touchdown, or the third touchdown. He missed him right before the end zone cuz saved it. But, what are you gonna do? Open-field tackles are tough. 

Neil: So if you ever find yourself one on one in the open with a guy that is 30 pounds lighter than you, he’s probably gonna outmaneuver you.

Detroit Rick: Who was the, I’m jumping ahead, but I gotta be in my mind, who was the dude that freaking slammed Metcal Freaking that was “Rip” ripped him up and threw down? No, it wasn’t ripping. I guess it was; I guess it was a rookie that just started playing. That wasn’t, Oh, Kirby Joseph. Yeah, Joseph. Wrap his arms around, and the as down there were a couple of really good. DK’s a big-ass dude. DK Metcalf‘s a big freaking dude. Yeah. 

Butler: He didn’t have a good game, which is surprising. He had a good enough game. No. I, yeah, but again, such an interesting fact. 

Neil: DK Metcalf’s real name is Daniel Knife. Metcalf knife. I don’t know. 

Butler: I just made; oh, Amanda says she can tackle every guy lighter than her. 

Neil: Hey man, can you kick field goals by any chance? Yeah, we need, 

Butler: I got a good one for that. This came up on Twitter, and I thought it was really good. Oh, 

Neil: We were getting laughed at, dude. Like we were getting laughed at in the bar. Dead serious. 

Detroit Rick: Ah, and what’s funny about what you, what put up there is that’s what they were saying in the bar. The announcement’s going on in Ford Field. Can anybody kick a football? 

Butler: Yeah, That was rough. Let’s talk about that a little bit because, honestly, look, man, it was his first game. I think the biggest problem that we have is didn’t play for Ohio State. I don’t know who he played for. Yeah, who he played for was a kick a little. I think he did. I think he told me in the chat if I’m right.

That’s why I saw it somewhere. If not, we’ll just blame it on Ohio State anyways. But honestly, yes, that was bad he missed the extra point. He kicks the field goal; then he immediately kicks it out of bounds on the kickoff, then he misses another extra point. And at that point, it was okay, and I was surprised. Dan Campbell, let him go for it in the fourth there and actually get it.

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Detroit Lions CB Carlton Davis called out by Former Buccaneers player

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Detroit Tigers LF Riley Greene makes INSANE catch to take away home run [Video]

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Detroit Red Wings D Moritz Seider Has The Flu In Advance Of Matchup vs. Capitals

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