Detroit Lions Playoff Tickets: Team sends letter to season ticket holders

An email was sent to season ticket holders regarding Detroit Lions Playoff Tickets this afternoon.

An email was sent to season ticket holders regarding Detroit Lions Playoff Tickets this afternoon.

The Detroit Lions boast an impressive 8-2 record in the first 10 games of the 2023 NFL season, leading to the exciting possibility of securing a division championship for the first time in decades. And now, season ticket holders have received an email from the organization, offering them the opportunity to opt-in for potential home playoff games.

Detroit Lions Playoff Tickets

The postseason isn't far off

In an email that was sent out to season ticket holders earlier today, the Lions are giving them the chance to buy tickets for potential upcoming playoff games, with any money spent on unused tickets will go toward a downpayment for season tickets for the 2024 season.

“In accordance with NFL League requirements, the Lions have started preparations to host potential NFL Playoff game(s) at Ford Field in January,” the email said. “At this time, it remains undetermined if the Lions will host any NFL playoff games at Ford Field. The maximum number of home playoff games the Lions could host at Ford Field is three.”

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Further information via The Detroit News:

“As you would imagine, there's a steep increase in price for these premium games. In pricing for one upper deck section obtained by The Detroit News, where the 10-game season package cost $780, the price for a wild-card game ticket would be nearly $200, increasing up to $450 for the same seat if the Lions were to host the NFC Championship.

For one club-level season ticket holder who paid $2,250 for their regular-season package, the wild card and divisional rounds will cost nearly $450 each, with an NFC Championship ticket closer to $540.”

The last time that the Detroit Lions qualified for the playoffs was 2016, losing to the Seattle Seahawks.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions are rolling right now, enjoying an impressive 8-2 record through 10 games
  2. An email was sent earlier today to Lions season ticket holders regarding Detroit Lions Playoff Tickets
  3. Season ticket holders will have the chance to purchase playoff tickets, with any money that goes toward unused potential playoff games being put toward a downpayment for next season

Bottom Line: Time to make it nine wins this week

The Lions have already gotten off to their best start in 62 yards, and fans are understandably excited about great things that could be on the horizon if they continue their winning ways.

The Lions can make it nine wins so far in 2023 should they defeat their division rival Green Bay Packers this Thursday at Ford Field.