Rams Revamp Defense with Josh Wallace Acquisition

Rams Bolster Secondary with Addition of Josh Wallace

Josh Wallace, the tenacious cornerback from the University of Michigan, didn’t hear his name called during the draft, but that hasn’t halted his trajectory to the NFL. The Los Angeles Rams have snagged Wallace as an undrafted free agent (UDFA), adding a relentless defender to their ranks.

A Career Highlighted by Smart Plays and Quick Feet

Wallace’s time at Michigan was marked by consistent and impressive performances after transferring from UMass. At UMass, he left a mark with 41 tackles, two interceptions, and a fumble recovery. Switching to Michigan, Wallace further established himself, amassing 22 solo tackles, assisting on 11 more, and making crucial plays like the fumble recovery during the critical Rose Bowl game against Alabama. This particular play was instrumental in keeping Bama at bay despite Michigan’s multiple punts and a missed field goal in a row during the second half.

Standing at 5-foot-11 and weighing in at 185 pounds, Wallace is considered undersized for the league. Yet, what he might lack in size, he more than compensates for with intelligence on the field and agility, as evidenced by his 4.35-second performance in the 20-yard shuttle at the combine.

Reaction and Impact: Wallace’s NFL Aspirations

In a game of inches and split seconds, smart players who can read the field like Wallace are invaluable. His awareness and ability to sniff out routes make him a promising prospect for the Rams’ defense. With his signing, Wallace now faces the daunting task of not just proving himself in the preseason but doing enough to carve out a spot on the definitive 53-man roster.

Wallace’s Journey to the Rams

Josh Wallace might have flown under the radar during the draft, but his journey to the NFL is far from over—quite the contrary. For the Rams, acquiring a player with Wallace’s instincts and defensive prowess could be a strategic move as they mold their team for the upcoming season.

josh wallace

Wallace’s signing with the Rams is a testament to his hard work and the potential seen in his game tape. Michigan’s program continues to cultivate players who make the leap to the next level, and Wallace joining the NFL alumni ranks is proof of that.

Written by Jeff Bilbrey

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