Detroit Lions Practice Squad: Team signs 6 additional players

The Detroit Lions practice squad is now up to 15 players.

Detroit Lions Practice Squad: Team signs 6 additional players

The Detroit Lions‘ initial 53-man roster has been released, and now, the Lions are one player away from establishing their full 16-man practice squad. On Thursday, the Lions announced they have signed six more players to their practice squad, including QB David Blough and RB Zonovan Knight.

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Which players did the Detroit Lions sign?

Here is a list of the six players the Lions signed on Thursday.

  • QB David Blough
  • DL Quinton Bohanna
  • WR Daurice Fountain
  • DE Raymond Johnson
  • RB Zonovan Knight
  • G Michael Niese

Why it Matters

All of the players above are currently on the outside looking in when it comes to getting playing time for the Lions during the 2023 season. With that being said, if injuries occur, the Lions will activate the player on their practice squad they think will help them the most.


Current Practice Squad

  1. QB David Blough
  2. RB Zonovan Knight
  3. WR Dylan Drummond
  4. WR Maurice Alexander
  5. WR Daurice Fountain
  6. OL Kayode Awosika
  7. OL Connor Galvin
  8. O Michael Niese
  9. EDGE Raymond Johnson III
  10. DL Chris Smith
  11. DL Quinton Bohanna
  12. LB Trevor Nowaske
  13. CB Chase Lucas
  14. S Brandon Joseph
  15. K Michael Badgley

*OL Max Pircher — International Pathways Exemption (Does not count toward 16-man practice squad roster)

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions have recently signed six players to their practice squad, bringing them close to finalizing their 16-member squad.
  2. Among the signed players are notable names like QB David Blough and RB Zonovan Knight, accompanied by DL Quinton Bohanna, WR Daurice Fountain, DE Raymond Johnson, and G Michael Niese.
  3. While the signed players aren't currently slated for main gameplay during the 2023 season, they remain essential backups and will be activated in case of injuries or when the team needs their skills.