Detroit Lions release additional tickets for Week 2 matchup vs. Seahawks

Detroit Lions release additional tickets for Week 2: Find out how you can still score tickets for this Sunday's game!

Detroit Lions release additional tickets for Week 2 

The Detroit Lions are experiencing a resurgence in popularity and excitement, and it's no wonder that fans are clamoring to be part of the action at Ford Field. After selling out all their season tickets, the team has decided to release a limited number of standing-room-only tickets for their Week 2 showdown against the Seattle Seahawks. This move not only reflects the heightened enthusiasm surrounding the Lions but also offers fans a chance to witness the team's promising season up close.

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Seizing the Moment

Following the Lions' remarkable Week 1 triumph over the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, the demand for tickets has surged. Fans are eager to support their team and witness the Lions' resurgence in person. The decision to release additional tickets is a testament to the growing optimism within the Detroit Lions community.

These standing-room-only tickets provide an excellent opportunity for those who missed out on season tickets to join the roaring crowd at Ford Field. It's a chance to be part of the excitement and support the Lions as they embark on what promises to be a thrilling season.

How to Get Detroit Lions Tickets

Tickets for this highly anticipated encounter between the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2 are now available for purchase. If you're eager to secure your spot and be part of the roaring crowd at Ford Field, there are convenient options for acquiring your tickets. You have the choice to make your purchase directly through the official Detroit Lions website at, where you can explore seating options and select the ones that suit your preferences. Alternatively, you can opt to buy your tickets directly from Ticketmaster.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions have made standing-room-only tickets available for their Week 2 game against the Seattle Seahawks.
  2. Tickets can be purchased at or through Ticketmaster.
  3. The high demand for tickets follows the Lions' impressive Week 1 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bottom Line: Secure Your Spot

For Lions fans and football enthusiasts alike, this is an invitation to secure a spot amidst the passionate crowd at Ford Field. With the team's recent success and the buzz surrounding their performance, attending a game promises to be an unforgettable experience. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the Detroit Lions' journey as they aim for greatness in the 2023 season. Grab your tickets now, and let's blow the roof off Ford Field!