Detroit Lions S Brian Branch explains how he can improve his game

Detroit Lions S Brian Branch explains how he can improve his game.

Detroit Lions S Brian Branch explains how he can improve his game

Brian Branch and the Detroit Lions experienced a landmark season in 2023, with Branch emerging as a key playmaker in the secondary and the Lions making a historic run to the NFC championship for the first time in over three decades. Despite this success, Branch remains unsatisfied with his performance and believes he has room to grow.

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What did Brian Branch Say?

Branch's rookie year was notable, with 15 games played, nine starts, three interceptions (one returned for a touchdown against Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes), and 74 tackles. However, Branch views the season with a critical eye, recognizing missed opportunities and areas for improvement.

“I feel like I could have done more,” he said.

“I had my ups and downs and I feel like I left a lot of plays out there on the table that I was supposed to make,” he told the Free Press. “I’m still thinking about that and I’m not kind of proud of that, and I feel like my next year is going to have to be my biggest year.”

Branch noted two areas he wants to improve upon in 2024.

“I want to say still covering, not really using my hands in a way,” he said. “Like down the field, I have a tendency of using them and you can’t touch these receivers. That, and just my blitzes. I feel like I choked on a lot of blitzes.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Brian Branch of the Detroit Lions is focused on improving his game following a successful rookie season, highlighting the need for better coverage techniques and blitz execution as key areas of growth.
  2. Despite contributing significantly to the Lions' historic run to the NFC championship, Branch remains self-critical, aiming to elevate his performance and address specific weaknesses identified during his first year.
  3. Branch's dedication to self-improvement and identifying precise areas for development illustrates his commitment to becoming a cornerstone of the Lions' defense, signaling a promising future for both him and the team.
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The Bottom Line – A Rookie's Resolve

Brian Branch is not content to rest on the laurels of a successful rookie campaign. His candid assessment of his own performance and the specific areas he aims to improve speak volumes about his character and ambition. As the Detroit Lions look to build on their impressive 2023 season, Branch's resolve to elevate his game further will be instrumental in their quest for greater achievements. His journey from a notable rookie to a potential leader on the defense epitomizes the perpetual strive for excellence that defines the spirit of professional sports. With Branch's focus and determination, the Lions' future looks brighter than ever, promising thrilling seasons ahead for the team and its fans.

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