Detroit Lions: Scoring So Much, Even Linemen Are Confused! [Mic’d-Up Video]

Detroit Lions: Scoring So Much, Even Linemen Are Confused! [Mic'd-Up Video]: We still love you, Jonah!

Detroit Lions: Scoring So Much, Even Linemen Are Confused!

The Detroit Lions are emerging as a formidable force in the NFL. No longer the pushovers of the NFC North, the Lions have become the division's clear favorites, even raising questions about their potential as Super Bowl contenders. But it seems the Lions' newfound dominance has left even their offensive linemen struggling to keep track of the points they score.

Detroit Lions Jonah Jackson

A Comedic Moment for Jonah Jackson

In a recent mic'd-up video featured on “Inside the NFL,” fans got a humorous glimpse into the Lions' remarkable performance. Guard Jonah Jackson found himself in a hilarious situation as he tried, and somewhat failed, to count the Lions' late winning margin over the Carolina Panthers.

The comic moment occurred after kicker Riley Patterson nailed a late field goal, pushing the Lions to a 42-17 lead over the Panthers. Jackson, who has been with the Lions since 2020, had a bit of trouble with his math, but in his defense, it's not every day that the Lions consistently score so much.

Take a look as Jackson hilariously tries to figure out how many points the Lions are winning by, all while left tackle Taylor Decker laughs at him.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions are on a winning streak, securing 12 victories in their last 15 games, making them a dominant force in the NFL.
  2. A mic'd-up moment with Jonah Jackson, a Lions offensive lineman, revealed his struggle to count their impressive lead over the Carolina Panthers.
  3. While his math skills may need some work, the Lions' consistent high-scoring performances have become a defining feature of their game.
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Bottom Line – Lions' Bright Future

In the grand tradition of Lions football, where even our linemen can't keep track of our winning points, Jonah Jackson reminds us that sometimes the best stats are the ones that don't add up. But hey, as long as we keep racking up the Ws, we won't mind a few miscalculations along the way! We still love you, Jonah!