Detroit Lions to have surprise guest for Monday Night Football coin toss

On Monday Night Football, the Detroit Lions will host the New York Jets in what will be each team's first game of the 2018 season.

After an abysmal preseason that has many local writers and fans panicking already, you can bet the Lions will be ready to come out and prove that the regular season is all that matters.

Just in case they will not be fired up enough, the Lions will have a local celebrity in the house to help out. According to the team, Eminem will join the Lions captains for the coin toss.

In case you have been in a hole, Eminem has been in the news lately after dropping his surprise new “Kamikaze” album a week ago.


Kamikaze!!! Eminem drops surprise new album at midnight

If you happened to go to bed before midnight, your final thoughts were likely about the Detroit Lions and how you really hope the regular season looks absolutely nothing like the preseason did. (Don’t worry, it will)

Well, if you also happen to be a fan of Eminem, the Lions will be the last thing on your mind today as the Detroit rapper dropped a surprise new album at midnight which is titled, “Kamikaze.”

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