Detroit Lions TE Sam LaPorta scores long TD vs. Falcons [Video]

Sam LaPorta scores long TD: Take a look as LaPorta is WIDE open for his first career tuddy!

Detroit Lions TE Sam LaPorta scores long TD vs. Falcons

All through training camp, we talked about how good rookie tight end Sam LaPorta was looking, and how he had a chance to eventually play a big role on the Detroit Lions offense. Well, that eventually is now as LaPorta has looked like a seasoned vet since he first stepped on the field. On Sunday, against the Atlanta Falcons, the rookie scored his first career touchdown on a long pass from Jared Goff.

Sam LaPorta scores long TD

What did Sam LaPorta Do?

Take a look as LaPorta and Goff take advantage of a broken coverage by the Falcons for a 45-yard touchdown pass.

Why it Matters

During the 2022 season, the Lions traded TE T.J. Hockenson to the Minnesota Vikings rather than paying him the big bucks. Instead of rolling with what they had left in the cupboard, the Lions selected LaPorta, and he has been very impressive in his first three games.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Sam LaPorta's Impressive Rookie Performance: Throughout training camp, there was a lot of buzz surrounding rookie tight end Sam LaPorta's potential and the significant role he could play in the Detroit Lions' offense.
  2. First Career Touchdown: In the game against the Atlanta Falcons, Sam LaPorta made a significant mark by scoring his first career touchdown. This touchdown resulted from a well-executed play where LaPorta capitalized on a broken coverage by the Falcons.
  3. Relevance of LaPorta's Success: In the 2022 season, the Detroit Lions made a pivotal decision to trade their former tight end, T.J. Hockenson, to the Minnesota Vikings, choosing not to commit to a big contract. Instead, they placed their trust in the rookie, Sam LaPorta, whom they selected.
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Bottom Line: Off to a Good Start

Sam LaPorta's remarkable rookie performance and his first career touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons highlight the Detroit Lions' wise decision to entrust him with a significant role in their offense. With LaPorta's abilities on full display, it becomes evident that the Lions' choice to trade T.J. Hockenson and draft LaPorta was well-founded. As LaPorta continues to make an impact on the field, he solidifies his position as a key player for the Lions' future success.