Detroit Lions waive Jason Cabinda, make 3 other roster moves in advance of matchup vs. Cowboys

Detroit Lions waive Jason Cabinda, make 3 other roster moves in advance of matchup vs. Cowboys.

Detroit Lions waive Jason Cabinda, make 3 other roster moves in advance of matchup vs. Cowboys

As the Detroit Lions gear up for their crucial showdown with the Dallas Cowboys, the team has made strategic roster adjustments to optimize their lineup. These changes, announced just moments ago, reflect the Lions' ongoing efforts to strengthen their squad in preparation for the high-stakes game that could impact their playoff seeding. The four roster moves include a mix of waivers, signings, and releases, each tailored to enhance the team's performance on the field.

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Roster Changes:

  1. Waived Fullback Jason Cabinda: In a notable move, the Lions have decided to waive fullback Jason Cabinda. This decision could signal a shift in the team's offensive strategy or simply be a response to the evolving needs of the roster.
  2. Signed Kicker Michael Badgley from the Practice Squad: Addressing the special teams, the Lions have promoted kicker Michael Badgley from the practice squad to the active roster.
  3. Released Defensive Lineman Chris Smith from the Practice Squad: In a corresponding move, the Lions have released defensive lineman Chris Smith from the practice squad. This release is likely a part of the team's continual adjustments to maintain a balanced and effective roster.
  4. Signed Offensive Lineman Michael Schofield to the Practice Squad: Adding depth to their offensive line, the Lions have signed Michael Schofield to the practice squad. Schofield's experience and versatility could be valuable assets to the Lions, offering additional options for their offensive front.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions waive FB Jason Cabinda in a strategic roster move.
  2. Kicker Michael Badgley is signed to the active roster, bolstering special teams.
  3. DL Chris Smith is released from the practice squad, and OL Michael Schofield is signed in his stead.
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The Bottom Line – A Team in Transition

The Detroit Lions' latest roster moves demonstrate a team in transition, actively seeking to improve and adapt in preparation for a crucial game against the Cowboys. These adjustments show a commitment to fine-tuning the team composition, ensuring that each player on the field contributes to the Lions' goal of securing a favorable playoff position. With these changes, the Lions are poised to enter their matchup against the Cowboys with a renewed and strategically optimized roster, ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.