Detroit Lions waive Starling Thomas V

Detroit Lions waive Starling Thomas V.

Detroit Lions waive Starling Thomas

The 2023 NFL Cut Day deadline has officially passed, and though the Detroit Lions‘ initial 53-man roster has not yet been released, many of the cuts continue to be leaked. According to a report from Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, the Lions have made a shocking decision regarding CB Starling Thomas V. Fowler tweeted out just moments ago that the Lions have made the decision to waive Thomas.

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Why it Matters

No matter which Detroit Lions beat writer or local blog you read, it was unanimous that Starling Thomas V was a lock to make the initial 53-man roster. This news goes to show that even those who go to practice every day really don't know much about the inner workings of the Lions organization.

Now What?

As noted by Fowler, if Thomas V clears waivers, he will almost certainly be re-signed to the Lions practice squad. With Thomas V out of the picture, at least for now, it appears as if CB Khalil Dorsey will make the initial 53-man roster.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Unexpected Roster Decision: In the wake of the 2023 NFL Cut Day deadline, speculations and leaks about team roster decisions are rife. In a recent update from ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, the Detroit Lions have reportedly made an unforeseen call concerning cornerback Starling Thomas V.
  2. The Fallout and Next Steps: The Lions' decision has indeed caused ripples in the sporting community, underlining the intricate and often unpredictable nature of organizational decisions.
  3. The Unpredictable Nature of the Game: While Starling Thomas V was the talk of the town during the offseason due to his commendable performances, his unexpected omission from the roster serves as a stark reminder.

Bottom Line: No Guarantees

According to every report that surfaced during the offseason, Thomas V had been extremely impressive during the offseason, and it appeared as if he had earned a spot on the 53-man roster. Well, if this news proves anything, it is that there are no guarantees when it comes to undrafted rookies making an NFL roster.

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