Detroit Lions Week 13 Rooting Guide: 8 Teams Lions fans should root for

Detroit Lions Week 13 Rooting Guide: Find out which 8 Teams Lions fans should root for in Week 13.

Detroit Lions Week 13 Rooting Guide: 8 Teams Lions fans should root for

As Week 13 of the 2023 NFL season rolls in, the Detroit Lions are making waves with an 8-3 record, leading the NFC North. This Sunday presents an opportunity for the Lions to rebound from their recent Thanksgiving Day defeat at the hands of the Green Bay Packers, as they face off against the New Orleans Saints. But there's more at stake this week than just a single matchup.

Lions fans, with a keen eye on the broader NFL picture, realize that the outcomes of other games are pivotal for Detroit's playoff ambitions. To better understand the playoff landscape and who to root for, fans can look to the Detroit Lions Week 13 Rooting Guide. This guide offers strategic insights into which teams' victories or defeats could most benefit the Lions in their quest for optimal playoff positioning.

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Who Detroit Lions Fans Should Root For?

Root for AFC over NFC

First of all, the obvious. Lions fans should be rooting for every AFC team to beat every NFC team in those matchups. In Week 13, root for the Steelers (AFC) to beat the Cardinals (NFC), the Jets (AFC) over the Falcons (NFC), the Dolphins (AFC) over the Commanders (NFC), the Browns (AFC) over the Rams (NFC), and the Chiefs (AFC) over the Packers (NFC) because the Lions only have to worry about staying ahead of/passing NFC teams in the overall standings. Obviously, some of these games are weighted MUCH HEAVIER than others.

Root for Any Team over the NFC North

Make sure that you are always rooting for any team that is playing a team from the NFC North not named the Detroit Lions. Note: The Vikings and Bears have a bye week this week, and we already advised to root for the Chiefs to beat the Packers in the previous section.

Other Teams to Root For

At this point, the Lions are looking good in the NFC North, but we also have to be rooting for them to get as high of a seed as possible in the NFC. Because of that, we should be rooting for NFC teams with lesser records over NFC teams with better records.

So, with that being said, root for the Seahawks over the Cowboys, the Panthers over the Buccaneers, and the 49ers over the Eagles (Yes, we are still holding out for the No. 1 seed.

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Here is a quick list of who you should root for this week if you are a fan of the Detroit Lions.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers over Arizona Cardinals – Root for the Steelers (AFC) to secure a win against the Cardinals (NFC), as victories by AFC teams over NFC teams help the Lions' standing in the NFC.
  2. New York Jets over Atlanta Falcons – Support the Jets (AFC) against the Falcons (NFC) to maintain the Lions' competitive edge over other NFC teams.
  3. Miami Dolphins over Washington Commanders – Cheer for the Dolphins (AFC) in their game against the Commanders (NFC), as this helps Detroit in the NFC standings.
  4. Cleveland Browns over Los Angeles Rams – Root for the Browns (AFC) to beat the Rams (NFC), aiding the Lions' position in the conference.
  5. Kansas City Chiefs over Green Bay Packers – Support the Chiefs (AFC) against the Packers (NFC), especially important as it affects the Lions' standing in the NFC North.
  6. Seattle Seahawks over Dallas Cowboys – Favor the Seahawks (NFC) against the Cowboys (NFC) since the Seahawks have a lesser record, which could help the Lions in securing a higher seed.
  7. Carolina Panthers over Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Root for the Panthers (NFC) against the Buccaneers (NFC), as a Panthers' win is beneficial for Detroit's playoff positioning.
  8. San Francisco 49ers over Philadelphia Eagles – Support the 49ers (NFC) in their game against the Eagles (NFC). Even though both are NFC teams, a 49ers' win is more favorable for the Lions' aspirations for a higher seed, including the No. 1 seed.