Detroit Lions Week 17 Rooting Guide: 7 teams Lions fans should cheer for on Sunday/Monday

Can you believe we are already in Week 17 of the 2021 NFL season?!?!

Unfortunately, the Lions are out of playoff contention and we have been talking more about their 2022 NFL Draft position than anything else.

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That being said, let's reveal the teams Lions' fans should be rooting for in Week 16 to improve both the Lions draft position and the Los Angeles Rams draft position (since we have their first-round pick)

Teams to root for to help improve the Lions first-round pick

Jaguars (2-13) over Patriots (9-6)

Jets (4-11) over Buccaneers (11-4)

Texans (4-11) over 49ers (8-7)

Seahawks (5-10) over Lions (2-12-1)

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Note: If the Lions lose and the Jaguars win today and the Lions would move back into the No. 1 slot in the 2022 NFL Draft order

Teams to root for to help improve the Rams first-round pick

Cardinals (10-5) over Cowboys (11-4)

Packers (12-3) over Vikings (7-8)

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Ravens (8-7) over Rams (11-4)

Note: The Buccaneers winning today would also be good in terms of improving the Rams first-round pick but we are focused on the Lions' higher pick in the draft so root for them to lose!

Enjoy the games!


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