Detroit Lions WR Antoine Green shows insane speed on 70-yard touchdown [Video]

Antoine Green shows insane speed on a HUGE 70-yard TD vs. the Carolina Panthers.

Antoine Green shows insane speed on 70-yard touchdown

During the last NFL preseason game for the Detroit Lions, former North Carolina receiver Antoine Green didn't just show up; he stole the show. As the clock neared halftime, with the weight of expectations and the hope to secure a roster spot, Green made a dazzling connection with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Antoine Green shows insane speed

What Did Antoine Green Do?

Watch as Bridgewater spots Green cutting deep across the field, threading the needle through three defenders. Green then seized the ball and hit the gas, sprinting 70 yards for a touchdown.

Why it Matters

But this isn't just a game highlight; this is Green's campaign to solidify his place in the Lions' den. Currently in contention for the WR 5 or WR 6 position alongside Chase Cota, Dylan Drummond, and Maurice Alexander, Green's recent performance only elevates his case.

Antoine Green By The Numbers

Back in college at North Carolina, he flourished, notably during his senior year alongside quarterback Drake Maye, where he racked up 43 catches for 798 yards and seven touchdowns. Over five years, Green's tally stood at 90 catches, 1,710 receiving yards, and 15 touchdowns.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Former North Carolina receiver, Antoine Green, delivers a standout performance during the NFL preseason, scoring a remarkable 70-yard touchdown.
  2. Selected by the Detroit Lions in the seventh round of the draft, Green faces the challenge of securing a WR spot among stiff competition, amplifying the significance of his recent touchdown.
  3. His college record paints a promising picture; with Green having achieved 90 catches, 1,710 receiving yards, and 15 touchdowns over five years, showcasing his consistency and potential for the professional league.
Antoine Green Detroit Lions

Bottom Line – From Tar Heel to Lion’s Roar?

Antoine Green’s 70-yard touchdown dash isn't just a highlight to be replayed during game breaks; it’s a statement. A statement that speaks of his aspirations in the NFL, and his undeniable talent. While the road from college to the pros is fraught with challenges and hurdles, players like Green remind us of the sheer determination and grit athletes harness. Whether Green will find his permanent den with the Detroit Lions remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: he's here to roar, and the NFL had better be ready.