Detroit Pistons 2022 New Additions Will Bring A Fun Dynamic

Ivey & Duren Bring Something New To Detroit Pistons

Ryan: Duren‘s probably gonna have to play more than the Detroit Pistons wanted them to. And he looks like the greatest athlete of all time.

Like, I saw him at the precinct of the game the other night, and the tickets were free. The Detroit Pistons were obviously trying to sell out OCA, so they were pretty good seats that they gave us. And he just looks massive. Suppose he looks like if you look at him, he’s the best athlete ever. He should win every one.

The event that there is, but then, he’s still 18, 19 years old, Like he’s not gonna come in right away. Same thing with Jaden Ivey. He’s not gonna come in right away and be this All-Star center, and he’s probably gonna make a lot of rookie mistakes.

He’s gonna have a lot of a big learning curve. So you know you’re gonna rely on him again, even though they’re young guys that you’re relying on by Isaiah Livers and.

Really just anybody that is coming off the bench, Jaden Ivey, these aren’t guys who are going to have small roles, but on a good team, they probably do have smaller roles than what they have on the Detroit Pistons 

Matt: Yeah, and what I’m looking forward to seeing is the dynamic between Cade Cunningham and Ivey, cuz you’re talking about two drastically different players.

Cade is methodical. He’s a little bit slower with his movement. He’s not gonna blow by you with a burst of speed. Ivey’s got the first step. You can’t teach. And so blowing by is not gonna be his problem. His problem is gonna be keeping it under control and not being too erratic. He’s got that compared to Russell Westbrook.

He’s being compared to Ja Morant as far as his vert is concerned. He’s got all of this raw athleticism that’s gonna be a lot of fun to watch, and it produced pretty well at Purdue, where he averaged seven over 17 points per game. He’s gonna be going against bigger and stronger bodies that he’s gonna be running into, and he’s gotta learn to control what he can and get to the rim when he can.

His shot has not been great so far. College career. I wouldn’t expect it to be great, obviously, as a rookie, either. But it’s gonna be a lot of fun to see what he brings to the table, working along with Cade, cuz they really do work at different speeds. But I think it could be a lot of fun to see Duren. Duren’s gonna be, it looks like, thrust into a role that.

I don’t think he’s quite ready for it, It’s exciting to see, but I thought Nerlens Noel was gonna be the guy anchoring the defense. As far as the center position is concerned, obviously, with Marvin Bagley III going down, Noel hasn’t been available either, it seems, for the most part, since coming to the Detroit Pistons.

And then you talk about, what beef stew’s been working on as being not so much a center, but one of those stretch fours. He’s working on a three-point shot, and it looks like it’s been better throughout the off-season. And then you look at a guy like Isaiah Livers, who’s that three-D just prototype, build that he’s shown flashes of, and we need to see more of, obviously, this year.

Detroit Pistons NBA

And that’s one of the big ones. We’ve talked about it for years. One of the big problems the Detroit Pistons have had for a long time is just shooting in general, but especially outside shooting. When you know when Cade is one of your guys shooting the most threes, and he is at 31%. Saddiq Bey was the team leader in three-point attempts last season, and he was shooting under 35%.

And not only that, but he was shooting most of his shots from where he’s not as good as shooting the three. Apparently, he’s much better at shooting in the corner. Most people are, It’s a shorter three, but he wasn’t getting those opportunities.

So I’m hoping that we’re gonna see more opportunities for the shooters to knock down threes, obviously bringing in a guy like Bojan Bogdanović, obviously bringing in a guy like Alec Burks.

These are two guys that have been shown for a long time now to be able to hit the outside shot, and so we should be able to, Take advantage of that more. As long as the offense is flowing more, you’re diving inside, kicking out all of that stuff. Cade obviously has great court vision, and he’ll be able to find you, but we need that.

These are, this is the growth we wanna see. We wanna see these guys take that next step offensively where shots are being knocked down. From deep inside the pain as well, obviously, or inside the arc, excuse me so that we’re seeing more shooting ability from a Detroit Pistons offense. Again, that was ranked 28th last season, 29th in three-point percentage.

So they really can’t go down. Not much, anyway. So you would think they can go up, and with a talent that’s been added, you would think that it’s gonna go up a little bit easier. I’m curious too. What happens with Bogdanović?

Are we keeping him for the whole season? Is this the guy we’re gonna see traded at the deadline for draft capital as we are still building a team he is a little bit older, but I’m excited for him to be on the Detroit Pistons, at least for the first half of the NBA season.

To see what he brings to the table and helps of spread the offense with the shooting ability of the Detroit Pistons that have been lacking for so many years. Seeing it be better this year, I am expecting that. 

Ryan: With Bagley, with even boy on, it’s interesting because Duren was a guy who, at least as of like yesterday, was leading the preseason in rebounds.

And again, I still don’t think he’s ready. A big-time role, but with Bagley going down, you’re right. They wanna get Isaiah Stewart more work at the four positions. So that really only leaves you with the two centers on your roster with Nerlens and Duren, and obviously, Stewart is gonna rotate the center now and probably run Saddiq or Bojan at the Power Forward.

And going with one of the three-guard lineups that they could use. When they have Cade, Killian Hayes, and Ivey in there. Or even like they’re doing now, right? Cade, Ivey, and Saddiq. Cade, Killian, and Saddiq. Like, I’m sure we’re gonna see just a combination of those three guys pretty much all here.

And then, as far as Bojan goes, he’s a guy who, the Jazz wanted to get our first-round pick floor. And if he comes to Detroit, and he’s hitting 42% of his threes, and he’s taking, I don’t know, five a game or something, yeah, it’s a team. It’s a guy. The teams are gonna want and. I think the arms rates are gonna be a little bit different this year because I think teams are going to tank more than they ever have before for Webanyama, and we’re already seeing teams tank now, right?

The Jazz, the Pacers, and the Spurs teams that we alluded to earlier. But when some of these teams are outta contention by the trade deadline, maybe that’s when you see Portland have a fire sale. Not that you’re gonna trade boy on to one of those teams, but what that’s gonna cause is now, the Clippers are really loaded up at the deadline, even more so than they could before.

So now the Warriors’ gotta respond to something and if they swing and miss on some big fish or whatever, just come grab boy on from the Detroit Pistons or the buck scrap on or just whatever the case is that that ends up. I think it’s interesting. I certainly don’t think this is gonna be the roster that the Detroit Pistons have all season.

Obviously, they’re going to make trades. They brought in Kevin Knox, too, to see if they could reclaim something that he obviously was never able to show in New York. But it is gonna be interesting to see how this plays out. I don’t think we’re seeing any of the core pieces.

Killian, maybe, but his stock’s super low right now, so it wouldn’t make sense to trade him anyway. He’d have to like really show that he can be a facilitator on the team, whether in a backup or a starting role. And if he shows that, then you’re not gonna want to trade him. So I don’t see a scenario where the Detroit Pistons are giving up on Isaiah Stewart, Killian Hayes, Saddiq Bey, or whatever, certainly not Cade and Jaden Ivey.

That seems like that’s pretty much off the table. So I would look at some of them. Some of the older vet guys, even like Corey Joseph, but who the hell wants Corey Joseph? But Joseph, Bogdanovic, Noel? Players like those that I could see the Detroit Pistons give up, and they still have Kemba Walker on their team for some weird reason.

And he’s not accepting the buyout the Detroit Pistons are giving him. So maybe there’s some trade possibility there, even if they don’t get a second-round pick for three years or something. I don’t exactly know what’s gonna happen with that. But any of the trades that Detroit Pistons do make, I doubt it will be for, like, some type of big fish.

And I doubt you’ll see any of the moves that the Detroit Pistons make really shake up the core of what they’re trying to build. 

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