Detroit Pistons Sweep Golden State Warriors In Dramatic 122-119 victory

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Detroit Pistons Vs. Golden State Warriors Recap

Eric Vincent: What’s good Detroit Sports Nation? I am Eric Vincent, your host here at the DSN News Desk. Thank you for being here. We appreciate your time and support. Before we get deep into this Detroit Pistons recap, which I’m so excited to talk about, I gotta get two apologies quickly out of the way first.

Anybody who’s been listening, while this has been sounding terrible, it has been popping and peaky and sounding horrendous. If you still listened and efforted it through that and supported these videos, I greatly appreciate you. I think we got the problem finally solved so we don’t have to torture your ears with this bad microphone.

So thank you, guys, for pushing and efforting through that. I really appreciate you guys and I wanna apologize for the timing of this video as well. Normally when the Detroit Pistons play, I like to get the recaps. Right away. But these West Coast road trips are not easy to get through. I’m telling you, man.

Detroit Pistons Beat the Warriors 122-119

Eric Vincent: It’s a little bit of a challenge for us, but we do what we can and I had to get over here and talk about it no matter when it was. I wanted to record it. Talk about this game. Because, man, whatever it is about the Golden State Warriors, especially over the past few years, the Detroit Pistons put their absolute best foot forward against this team, and now this season sweeping them, getting two victories against the Golden State Warriors, including last night’s victory on the road in.

Ultimate dramatic fashion is all worth it, and I’m so proud of what the Detroit Pistons did, man. Let’s unpack what happened last night. 122-119 final score finish the Detroit Pistons getting their 11th victory of the season. And again, it came in unbelievably dramatic fashion. Man. It was absolutely nuts going back and forth.

The Detroit Pistons taking care of a lead for, basically it’s about three and a half quarters. Then the fourth quarter came and things got a little tight. And you know, Golden State Warriors are clamping down, making big shots. And Klay Thompson with a huge three-pointer at the end of the fourth quarter where I thought we were gonna have to watch more overtime.

I was gonna have to stay up later and, delay my ability to get to work and all this other stuff. I was annoyed and I was sick, like, oh my God, now we gotta deal with this overtime. Five more minutes. I can’t hang in. But we did it and you know why? Because Saddiq Bey, with the biggest shot of the season, one of the biggest shots of his career, knocked down a huge three to put the Golden State Warriors down to wrap this game up.

122, 119. I can’t be more proud of what I saw, man. It was really cool, especially for Saddiq who needed a game like this. He finished with 17 points. Six and 17 off the bench. Four of 10 from three. Still playing his six-man role. Hopefully, this is the Saddiq that we’re going to get continuously because if you have the Detroit Pistons in their best form, you, your bench would be basically looking like Killian Hayes coming off of it.

Alec Burks & Saddiq Bey

Eric Vincent: He made his return off to his suspension tonight last night. You would have Killian Hayes coming off the bench with the two scores of Saddiq Bey and Alec Burks, who have been tremendous bench scores. Burks has been, and Bey is still trying to get comfortable, but they’ve been very, very productive when they’re at their best.

And when you have Saddiq pouring in 17 and 15 from Alec Burks, and of course, what is the game-winner for Saddiq? It puts him in a different mindset and hopefully, this is the mindset we see. He did a lot of driving, did a lot of good plays at the rim, and did a good job of getting in the lane and finishing at the hoop, but the biggest shots came from behind the log line.

I’m okay with Saddiq trying to expand his game, but again, as we’ve been saying all season, I don’t want it to be the detriment, the substitute for his three-pointer. Because that was his biggest attribute coming out as a rookie shooting as well as he did coming out of the draft. It down-slid a lot since, and that needs to get back into continuation because the Detroit Pistons don’t have a lot of reliable, consistent shooters.

They’re best off the bench. That’s supposed to be Isaiah Livers. He’s hurt all the time. Alec Burks is getting more comfortable. He’s, a very efficient scorer, but you need more than just him. You can’t have everything lean on Alec Burks with your bench scoring. So to see Saddiq Bey come in, and hit huge shots.

Have some huge shots on the perimeter come through and serve to this Detroit Pistons victory. It’s phenomenal. I’m so happy to see what Saddiq did last night for the rest of the Detroit Pistons. Man, you gotta be proud of what the rest of the team did, man. 

Bojan Bogdanovic Might Not Be Long Term

Eric Vincent: Bojan, bogie with 29 points, 10 of 15 from the field, five of six from three.

He kinda has been, coming and going with his shot lately, but he’s finally had a good game over the patch a couple of weeks and, these are the kind of games that we want to be on his highlight tape. Because again, I still believe his best-valued attribute is gonna be served if he’s traded.

I don’t think the Detroit Pistons are gonna keep Bojan long-term. I could be wrong. He’s a good player. I just don’t think he’s gonna be here long-term for this team based on how he plays and based on the value that he could bring back in a trade. Because according to reports, it looks like the Detroit Pistons are asking for a first round.

And a player with upside, to deal for Bojan in exchange. Excuse me, and I’m okay with that. Again, as long as it comes with a first-rounder and somebody else that you can plug in, that’s good enough value. Especially if you’re sending ’em to a contender who thinks that they’re one piece away from a championship.

Eric’s Favorite Player: Jalen Duren

Eric Vincent: So I’m totally fine with that. Awesome game by Bojan. It was much needed. My favorite player Jalen Duren. Oh, what a monster this guy is, and how unbelievably fun he is to watch, man. But you know what? I could go through all the numbers. Let’s do the numbers real quick. In 31 minutes, 18 points eight of eight for the field.

Did not miss two of three from the free-throw line. 11 rebounds. Unbelievable defense inside the paint. Switching outside, guarding a Jordan Poole, getting better and drop coverage, you’re seeing a lot of change from Jalen Duren, but to me, the most important thing that I saw from him had nothing to do with, his play on the court.

This is something that I love to watch. Anybody who saw Beef Stew get tangled up with Draymond Green late in the fourth quarter? Draymond pulls Beef Stew’s jersey and they’re pushing back and forth. It ends up in Draymond getting suspended or ejected, excuse me. And I think Isaiah Stewart got teched up because of their back and forth, and I’m okay with that.

But this is the part that I love, and this is the part that is not being talked about enough in terms of what Jalen Duren is bringing in terms of what his expectation was this season. The mix-up starts between those two players and Jalen Duren is the first player on the bench, cuz be clear, he’s not playing at this point during this scuffle.

He’s on the bench. He is the first person to stand up on the bench and makes sure no other Detroit Pistons run on the floor. That is unbelievable maturity and responsibility from the youngest player, not just on your team in the entire NBA. His maturity, his mindset is just so different, man, I’m telling you like I’m upset.

Detroit Pistons vs Golden State Warriors

For how much like blasphemy that he had to listen to this off-season or people just saying he should be in the G League. He’s not even ready to be a rotational player. He’s, he is not gonna serve well with this team yet. It’s gonna take a couple of years. What were y’all looking at man? 

I can’t stop talking about this because everything that I thought he was gonna be is exactly what we’re seeing. And now for him to take on leadership responsibilities to make sure his teammates don’t put themselves in positions to get in trouble, to put the team in further harm with dumb decisions like getting on the floor or doing anything.

He is stepping up and doing that. You saw it during the summer league when he was sitting there talking to the players around him, telling them when to cut, telling them how their defense is gonna roll. Him being one of the more vocal players on the floor has translated easily in the regular season.

And again, he’s the youngest player in the league. He’s a baby being a grown man. Whether it’s how he dunks on everybody because he’s catching a lot of LOBs and getting a lot of easy putbacks and dunks from Killian Hayes when he’s sitting in an above with an assist with easy misses. Like he is controlling all of that, and I’m loving that.

I even think we’ll get to a point where tip-backs will become a stat because of how unbelievably productive he’s been. If he’s not grabbing the rebound, he’s tipping it back to his teammates to create extra opportunities on the offensive end. He has been spectacular with everything I’m sticking to my take.

He’s the second most important piston on this lineup right now, and I will stand by that for sure. 

Killian Hayes Back From Suspension

Eric Vincent: Another important piece that I wanted to talk about before we wrap this up, is the backcourt. We gotta talk about the backcourt for a number of reasons. Killian Hayes is his first game back from his suspension after slugging Wagner of the Magic.

It’s a decent game by Killian. Not so much his scoring, only scored nine points, but 13 assists to no turnovers. And I’m gonna tell you why that’s so important. Let’s get up to the other part of the backcourt. Jaden Ivey has 12 points. Wasn’t super impressed with his scoring. Had an awesome dunk.

Had a couple of nice blow bys. A three-pointer that was nice in the fourth quarter. Five of 14 from the field. One of four from three. One of four from the free-throw line. This is kind of bothering me, how he started off so well with his free throws, but he’s teetering down a little bit now. But again, none of that is the point.

It’s the turnovers I wanna talk about. Because people have been on Jaden Ivey’s behind about his, ball security, his turnovers, and his high volume turnover. I have not worried about that at all. I’m not concerned about that in the slightest. I do not care about the number of turnovers that Jaden Ivey is bringing.

I do not care about the sloppy play that he’s bringing because he’s doing that with the primary responsibility of being the number one ball handler on this team, which is not why you drafted him. That’s not why he’s here. And when you have, when you had Killian Hayes out of the lineup, and he had to be the focal point with the ball.

He was all over the place, and that’s not why he’s here. He’s brought here to be a bucket-getter. He can be a passer. You see him, throwing lobs to Jalen Duren and doing a really good job of driving into the lane, drawing attention his way, and then kicking it out to Bojan or kicking it out to Beef Stew in the corner, or finding Saddiq Bey on the wing for an open three.

Jaden Ivey Is At His Best With Cade Is On The Floor

Eric Vincent: He’s been good at that, and I’m not tripping about his turnovers because. The main facilitators and orchestrators that you have on your team were either suspended in Killian or injured in Cade Cunningham. And what have we seen when Cade is on the floor with Jaden Ivey? That’s when Jaden Ivey’s at his best. Cuz he can play make around him with no worry of being the primary ball handler.

And he can still do his thing as a bucket-getter as well to take pressure off Cade and the rest of the offense. And Cade is your primary ball handler in the fourth quarters. Really the whole game. With Cade or any, or Killian is your made ball handler. You see that responsibility elevated away from Jaden Ivey and you see how productive he can be. And seeing the no turnovers under his stat box from last night is super, super impressive for me.

He also got six rebounds and five assists in the process. So you got 18 assists between your backcourt with no turn. Because you had your primary ball handler back, and that’s only gonna serve better. Like people have been dogging on Jaden Ivey. Ever since Cade Cunningham went down, I’m kind of sick of hearing about it because Jaden Ivey has been good this season when extra responsibility elevated on his plate.

He hasn’t been great at it, but in the long term, that’s not what you’re gonna be expecting of him. Be a bucket-getter, and go dunk on the defense. Draw attention away from your teammates to kick out shots on the perimeter or in the paint. That’s what he’s good at. He’s not supposed to be setting the offense every single time coming down the floor.

That’s why you see him not closing the fourth quarters. That’s why you see Alec Burks getting more minutes than him. He got 30 more min, he got 30 minutes compared to Jaden Ivey’s 27, and we didn’t see a whole lot of him in the fourth quarter. They were leaning on Saddiq Bey, they were leaning on Burks, they were leaning on Killian.

They didn’t have Jaden Ivey in there. So with that being the formula of this team, that’s gonna help establish their identity of how they should be playing. So everybody that’s freaking out about Jaden Ivey’s turnover. Relax. That’s not his game. That’s not what he’s been put on this team to do. He’s a bucket-getter.

He’s an exciting player. He’s an exciting playmaker. And the guys that you have in front of him with Killian and Cade when he returns, will take on that mantle and take that responsibility off of him. And I think that’s what serves two games like this, in which you get victories. So the Detroit Pistons should be very happy with what they did last night, man, awesome victory.

Again, I don’t know what it is about playing the Golden State Warriors, but they put their best foot forward every single time they see ’em and swept them in two games this season in dramatic fashion. Super excited to see it, man. I was loving it. Talk to me in the comment section though. I’d love to hear from you.

What were your thoughts on the game last night? What were you encouraged by? What were you discouraged by? Maybe there was something you didn’t like about the game last night. Talk to me. I’d love to hear from you. Make sure you like the video as well and subscribe to the channel as well. 

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I’ll be back again soon right here with another update right here from the DSN News Desk.

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