Detroit Red Wings announce the status of Dylan Larkin

The Detroit Red Wings have announced the status of Dylan Larkin prior to tonight's game against Anaheim.

The Detroit Red Wings have announced the status of Dylan Larkin before tonight's game against Anaheim.

Last Saturday's scene at Little Caesars Arena was disturbing as Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin lay motionless on the ice. He had been rendered unconscious by a hit to the back of his head from Ottawa Senators forward Mathieu Joseph. Larkin has missed Detroit's last four games, with only one win in that stretch. However, there's positive news from head coach Derek Lalonde: Larkin is poised to rejoin the lineup tonight

status of Dylan Larkin

Larkin was knocked unconscious and was in serious distress

Amidst a chaotic scramble near the goal halfway through the first period of the Detroit Red Wings facing the Senators on December 9, Larkin faced a shot to the back of his head from Joseph followed by a swift hit from Ottawa's Patrick Kelly moments later. Subsequently, he fell flat on the ice, laying motionless, prompting a hush of concern from the packed crowd at Little Caesars Arena. Immediate medical attention was given to Larkin, and a stretcher was brought onto the ice.

Eventually, with assistance, Larkin managed to skate off the ice, though very slowly and in a hunched-over manner; he did not return.

Larkin was placed on IR and hasn't played in four games

Following the incident, the Red Wings moved Larkin to the Injured Reserve list, indicating his unavailability for at least the upcoming four games. The team's performance suffered in Larkin's absence, securing just one victory in the subsequent four games.

Dylan Larkin

The good news for the Red Wings is that Larkin is expected to make his return tonight against the Anaheim Ducks. Lalonde indicated as much following this morning's practice:

status of Dylan Larkin,Detroit Red Wings

Larkin's comeback will undoubtedly boost the Red Wings, given the evident gap in their lineup during his absence. Across his 24 appearances, he's accumulated 25 points (11 goals, 14 assists), projecting an impressive pace of 35 goals and 44 assists over a complete season

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin was knocked unconscious during last week's game against the Ottawa Senators and was placed on IR
  2. According to head coach Derek Lalonde, Larkin will return to the lineup tonight as the Red Wings host the Ducks at Little Caesars Arena
  3. Larkin's return will be a welcome addition to the Red Wings, who have won only one of their past four games.

Bottom Line: Welcome back!

The Red Wings were on a remarkable streak, securing victories in six out of seven games before their unexpected downturn during the December 7 match against the San Jose Sharks, which was then compounded by the unfortunate game against Ottawa resulting in Larkin's injury.

Here's hoping that the Red Wings swiftly recover from this slump and reignite their captivating style of hockey. Larkin's return to the lineup promises to bolster their chances of revitalization!