Detroit Red Wings could be targeting F Samuel Honzek in 2023 NHL Draft

There's some 'smoke starting to accumulate' around the Detroit Red Wings and F Samuel Honzek.

The Detroit Red Wings, under the guidance of General Manager Steve Yzerman, are meticulously evaluating prospects as they prepare for the upcoming 2023 NHL Draft. According to Max Bultman of The Athletic, among those on their radar is forward Samuel Honzek. During the NHL Scouting Combine, Honzek expressed his positive experience meeting with Yzerman and the Red Wings.

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Key Points

  • The Red Wings are conducting thorough evaluations of prospects for the upcoming 2023 NHL Draft.
  • Honzek, a forward, had a positive meeting with GM Steve Yzerman and the Red Wings, according to his statements.
  • The Red Wings possess the 9th and 17th picks in the 1st Round, providing opportunities to select Honzek.
  • Honzek's performance with the Vancouver Giants showcased his scoring abilities and playmaking skills.
  • Yzerman's potential interest in Honzek indicates the Red Wings' intention to bolster their roster with talented prospects.

Detroit Red Wings could be targeting F Samuel Honzek in 2023 NHL Draft

According to Honzek, he has met with 25 NHL teams, and his best meeting was with the Red Wings.

“Detroit was one of the — I would say the best meeting I’ve ever had here,” Honzek said.

This revelation indicates the potential interest the Red Wings have in Honzek. With the 9th and 17th picks in the 1st Round, the Red Wings could have an opportunity to select him, ideally with their 17th overall pick. Honzek's impressive performance in the 2022-23 season with the Vancouver Giants, where he scored 23 goals and provided 33 assists in 43 games, further adds to his appeal as a talented prospect. It wouldn't be surprising to see Yzerman consider Honzek as a valuable addition to the Red Wings roster.

Honzek Highlights

Here are some of Honzek's highlights so you can get a little taste of what the Red Wings could be getting.

Bottom Line – A Promising Prospect for the Red Wings

As the 2023 NHL Draft approaches, the potential selection of Samuel Honzek by the Detroit Red Wings holds significant promise. Honzek's positive meeting with General Manager Steve Yzerman suggests a mutual interest and compatibility between the player and the organization. With his impressive performance in the WHL and notable scoring abilities, Honzek has caught the attention of the Red Wings' management. If Yzerman decides to draft Honzek with either the 9th or 17th pick, it could be a strategic move to further strengthen the team's forward line. As the Red Wings continue to shape their roster for the future, the addition of a talented prospect like Honzek would contribute to their long-term success.


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