Detroit Red Wings HC Derek Lalonde makes first tough call of season

Detroit Red Wings HC Derek Lalonde makes first tough call of season. The Red Wings are getting ready to skate against the Devils.

Detroit Red Wings HC Derek Lalonde makes first tough call of season

For the Detroit Red Wings, the dawn of a new season brings not only hope but also complex decisions for head coach Derek Lalonde. The team's impressive off-season acquisitions, masterminded by General Manager Steve Yzerman, have significantly deepened the roster. This newfound depth necessitated Lalonde to make a weighty call before the season opener in New Jersey.

Derek Lalonde Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings will 'Try to take another step' Derek Lalonde makes first tough call of season

What Tough Decision did Derek Lalonde Make?

The decision involved opting for a lineup with 12 forwards and six defensemen, forsaking the traditional 11-7 approach and subsequently leading to the healthy scratch of a defenseman. Olli Maatta, an experienced 29-year-old defenseman, found himself in this precarious position despite his instrumental role in the Red Wings' defense last season.

“Olli is going to be the odd man out,” Lalonde said after Thursday's morning skate. “It's not really a big reason that it's Olli — we trust Olli; he's a big reason for what we are and who we are. It's more to do with where and how the special teams play out, and right now, with where the power play is and some guys getting looks on the power play.

“I don't want to have Olli sit out long because he's a big part of what we are. We'll get through tonight and re-evaluate and go from there.”

A Surplus of Defensemen

The surplus of experienced NHL defensemen on the roster presents a favorable dilemma for the Red Wings. Lalonde acknowledged the challenge of these moments, drawing from his past experience as an assistant coach in Tampa. Communication and transparency are key elements in handling the situation, as Lalonde seeks understanding from his players, emphasizing the ever-changing nature of the game.

“Seven NHL defensemen, and it's a luxury,” Lalonde said. “But, these are tough moments, sometimes. I went through this a little bit in Tampa (when Lalonde was an assistant coach), and it's all part of it. I just want to communicate as much as we can and be honest as possible and ask those guys to be good teammates about it and understand it's a game-to-game situation.”

Olli Maatta

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Red Wings head coach Derek Lalonde faces a challenging lineup decision due to the team's increased depth.
  2. Olli Maatta, a reliable defenseman, was a surprising healthy scratch for the season opener.
  3. The surplus of experienced NHL defensemen provides the Red Wings with a valuable yet challenging situation.

Bottom Line – Navigating the Road Ahead

As the Detroit Red Wings embark on a promising season, Coach Derek Lalonde's decision-making will be instrumental in harnessing the newfound depth of the team. The challenges they face reflect a franchise in transition, poised to contend in a competitive league.