Detroit Red Wings HC Derek Lalonde explains expectations for Lucas Raymond

Detroit Red Wings HC Derek Lalonde explains expectations for Lucas Raymond

Detroit Red Wings HC Derek Lalonde explains expectations for Lucas Raymond

In the heart of Detroit, hockey enthusiasts have their eyes fixed on Lucas Raymond, the 21-year-old forward entering his third season with the Detroit Red Wings. Raymond's off-season training has added 12 pounds to his frame, a substantial physical transformation. Coach Derek Lalonde believes this newfound strength will elevate Raymond's game, emphasizing the need for him to be “stronger on pucks.”

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What did Derek Lalonde Say?

On Thursday, Lalonde spoke to reporters and he talked about his expectations for Raymond as he enters his third season in the NHL.

“We just want him stronger on pucks,” coach Derek Lalonde said after Thursday's morning skate at Prudential Center. “If he can keep plays alive, I think he will be able to do more of what he is good at. I appreciate the fact last year, I really think he was committed to our team game. It was just, he physically wore down at times.”

“He maybe overachieved a bit as a rookie and expectations understandably go through the roof for him, but he did a lot of really good things for us last year, and we hope he just keeps progressing.

“I just think, if he wins a couple more battles each game, if he's able to not get knocked off pucks as much, it just keeps more plays alive and more opportunity for him. He's had a really good camp. He's been noticeable. We'll see how it translates to real hockey now.”

What did Lucas Raymond Say?

Raymond's optimism is palpable as he enters this season, both physically and mentally. He expressed his readiness to contribute positively to the team's success. Each season, he strives to build on his experience, learning from past performance to continuously improve.

“I feel great,” Raymond said. “I feel like I'm in a good head space and good physical shape as well. I like where I am at. I'm excited. I just want to play good hockey and be a productive player. I feel like I've learned things every year –from my first to second, and my second to this year. I just take away parts every time and try to improve them or sustain them.”

As the regular season begins, all eyes are on Raymond to see how his newfound physicality and experience will shape his performance on the ice.

Lucas Raymond's anticipation

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Coach Derek Lalonde discusses Lucas Raymond's transformation and expectations for the upcoming season.
  2. Lucas Raymond has added 12 pounds and aims to be “stronger on pucks.”
  3. Raymond's physical and mental development will play a pivotal role in his performance for the Detroit Red Wings.

Bottom Line – Stronger, Smarter, and Ready

With added strength and valuable experience under his belt, Lucas Raymond is set to play a pivotal role in the Detroit Red Wings' season. As he strives to be “stronger on pucks,” all signs point to an exciting journey for the young forward, as he aims to live up to the high expectations surrounding him.