Detroit Red Wings HC Derek Lalonde says second period got away during loss to Devils

Detroit Red Wings HC Derek Lalonde says second period got away during loss to Devils

Detroit Red Wings HC Derek Lalonde says second period got away during loss to Devils

In the Detroit Red Wings‘ season opener against the New Jersey Devils, the team gave fans an exciting showdown. The game ended with the Devils narrowly defeating the Red Wings 4-3, leading to reflections on what could have been. Head coach Derek Lalonde shared his insights on the game and identified key moments where the tide turned against his team.

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What did Derek Lalonde say?

Following the game, Red Wings head coach Derek Lalonde addressed the media and drew attention to the underlying numbers that favored his team.

“For the most part, those underlying numbers on the road will say we should have gotten a point,” Detroit head coach Derek Lalonde said. “But we didn’t. Again, that second period got away from us with us not being able to manage the puck and then obviously with the penalties.”

One of the bright spots for the Red Wings was the performance of their goaltender, Ville Husso. He made several impressive saves during the game, demonstrating his skill and composure in the net. Coach Lalonde acknowledged Husso's contributions and praised his ability to stand firm against a challenging team.

“He made some good saves for sure. I have to look back on some of the goals. Obviously they scored behind the goal line and a wrister from the point, but I need to see the whole totality of those plays. He made some really big saves. That’s a very tough team to play against.”

Ville Husso Highlights Great Start

Reflecting on the game, Husso highlighted the Red Wings' strong start and the potential for additional goals. However, he noted that the momentum shifted in the second period, making it a tight contest.

“It was a great start. Guys came in hard. I think we could have scored two or three goals, but a couple posts. I feel like in the second period, they kind of got momentum back a little bit. It was still a tight game.”

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Up Next

The Red Wings' next challenge will be their 2023-24 home opener against the Tampa Bay Lightning, a game that fans are eagerly anticipating. As the season progresses, the Red Wings will aim to build on the positives from this season opener and continue to make strides in their pursuit of success.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Red Wings faced off against the New Jersey Devils in their 2023-24 season opener.
  2. Coach Derek Lalonde discussed the game's underlying statistics and their missed point-scoring opportunities.
  3. Goaltender Ville Husso's performance was highlighted as he made some crucial saves to keep the game competitive.

Bottom Line – A Promising Start

Though the Red Wings did not pull out a win, or even a point on Thursday night against the Devils, the team showed that when things are clicking, they can skate with the best teams in the league. With that being said, in order to get into the playoffs, the Red Wings will have to put together complete games, not just complete periods. I think that is exactly what they will do moving forward.