Detroit Tigers Are ‘Rooting Like Hell’ For Austin Meadows

Detroit Tigers president Scott Harris spoke to the media on Monday, and he gave the latest on OF Austin Meadows.

Detroit Tigers President Scott Harris addressed various topics in a media session before Monday's game, including an update on outfielder Austin Meadows‘ journey as he continues to work through his treatment for anxiety. Harris mentioned that Meadows is currently in Tampa and Lakeland, actively engaging in his treatment while also maintaining his physical workouts. Harris emphasized the positive reports received from Meadows and expressed the team's unwavering support for him. The Tigers have not set a specific timeline for Meadows' return to full baseball activity or competition. Since April 6, Meadows has not played a game for the Tigers, prioritizing his mental health and well-being.

Austin Meadows Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers Are ‘Rooting Like Hell' For Austin Meadows

Harris said the Tigers are ‘rooting like hell' for Matthews.

“The reports we have received from Austin are positive,” Harris said. “He’s working through treatment and he’s also working out. He is in a very healthy environment for himself and for his progress. We are keeping tabs on him and we’re rooting like hell for him.”

Key Points

  • Austin Meadows, the Tigers' outfielder, is working through treatment for anxiety.
  • Meadows is back in Tampa and Lakeland, focusing on his treatment and physical workouts.
  • Tigers President Scott Harris expressed positivity regarding Meadows' progress.
  • The team continues to offer support and encouragement to Meadows during his journey.
  • No specific timeline has been set for Meadows' return to baseball activities.
  • Meadows' focus on mental health highlights the importance of prioritizing well-being.

Bottom Line – United In Support

As Austin Meadows continues his journey towards improved mental health, the Detroit Tigers stand united in their support for him. Scott Harris's positive update on Meadows' progress reflects the team's commitment to prioritizing player well-being. By placing Meadows' mental health first, the Tigers exemplify the understanding that success extends beyond the playing field. As Meadows navigates his treatment and eventual return to baseball, the team's unwavering support serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy, compassion, and solidarity in the sports world. The Tigers' genuine concern for Meadows' well-being reinforces the notion that an athlete's mental health should always be a priority.


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