Detroit Tigers unveil new plan for Riley Greene

Riley Greene is back from his injury, but don't expect him to be playing every day for the Detroit Tigers

Riley Greene has shown great potential to become a cornerstone player for the Detroit Tigers, particularly in a corner outfield position. While his aggressive style of play in center field is appreciated by teammates and coaches (and certainly the fans), there are concerns about the increased risk of injury associated with that position. However, for the time being, the Tigers have decided to keep Greene in center field. Nevertheless, they have formulated a proactive plan to protect him until the end of July, following his return from a stress reaction in his left fibula.

Riley Greene Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers unveil new plan for Riley Greene

This plan involves incorporating the designated hitter (DH) role, scheduled days off, and continued time in center field. Tigers manager A.J. Hinch believes that this gradual approach will help Greene regain his game shape and minimize the risk of re-injury.

“The biggest change for Riley post-break will be the inclusion of the (designated hitter) for him,” Tigers manager A.J. Hinch said last weekend, “just as a proactive way to get him back into game shape, and some scheduled days off.”

Greene, understanding the team's strategy, expressed his willingness to contribute in any capacity, whether as a designated hitter or an outfielder.

“I feel like it's not going to be a problem,” Greene said of Hinch's plan. “He's taking it slow with me, which I appreciate, so I'm just going to try to do whatever I can to help the team, whether that's DH or the outfield.”

Big Picture: Building Confidence

Upon his return from the injured list, Greene made an immediate impact by going 4-for-7 with a home run, two walks, and two strikeouts in two games against the Toronto Blue Jays. These successful performances, combined with his ability to run the bases without hesitation, have instilled confidence in Greene regarding his recovery.

“I feel pretty normal,” Greene said.

“It made me feel confident about it,” Greene said. “That was my big issue, the mental side of it because you want to favor it sometimes because you think you're going to re-injure it, or if you cut really hard, maybe that's going to do something to it. It was really getting past the mental side of it, and I feel like that really helped me do it.”

Riley Greene Detroit Tigers

Go Slow Now to GO FAST later

With the Tigers' post-All-Star break schedule in mind, which includes a seven-game road trip against the Seattle Mariners and the Kansas City Royals, Hinch acknowledges the need to manage Greene's workload carefully.

“The reality of this type of injury, coming back from this type of injury is exaggerated by the pounding of playing every single day and being on your feet every single day,” Hinch said. “We're going to have to pick and choose some time in that first week to 10 days after the break to alleviate some of that fear.”

Key Points

  • Riley Greene's position may eventually shift from center field to a corner outfield spot.
  • The Tigers are implementing a plan to protect Greene's health and minimize the risk of reinjury.
  • The plan involves incorporating the designated hitter role and scheduled days off.
  • Greene's return from injury has shown promising results, including a 5-for-5 performance in Triple-A.
  • Tigers manager A.J. Hinch is focused on gradually reintegrating Greene into regular playing time after the All-Star break.
  • The team aims to balance Greene's development and long-term protection.
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Bottom Line – A Promising Future

While Riley Greene's recent injury may have temporarily interrupted his progress, the Tigers' careful planning and protection of the young outfielder bode well for his future and the team's overall success. Greene's versatility, combined with the team's proactive measures, positions him to make a meaningful impact both offensively and defensively. As the Tigers continue to prioritize Greene's development and navigate his recovery, fans can anticipate an exciting and productive future for this talented player.