Dylan Larkin raves about Detroit Red Wings new scoring machine – Alex DeBrincat

Dylan Larkin raves about Detroit Red Wings new scoring machine - Alex DeBrincat

Dylan Larkin raves about Detroit Red Wings new scoring machine – Alex DeBrincat

The Detroit Red Wings have found themselves with a dynamic scoring duo in the form of Alex DeBrincat and Dylan Larkin. DeBrincat currently leads the NHL scoring race with 12 points, while Larkin is just one point behind. Their combined efforts, including a stellar performance on Sunday against the Calgary Flames, have propelled the Red Wings to a five-game winning streak. This impressive partnership between DeBrincat and Larkin signifies a promising turning point for the Red Wings, as they aim to regain their former glory.

Dylan Larkin raves

A Game-Changing Partnership

The collaboration between DeBrincat and Larkin has the potential to be a game-changer for the Detroit Red Wings. While they've played together during summer league games in the past, their synergy at the NHL level is creating excitement among fans and pundits. DeBrincat's scoring prowess, combined with Larkin's ability to create opportunities, has revitalized the team's offensive performance. This partnership is not only about individual excellence but also about how they complement each other, elevating the team's overall play.

“We played summer league for a couple years together and we scored a lot in that league, and we knew it would transfer to the NHL because why not, right?” Larkin said, laughing, after Sunday's 6-2 victory. “No, it’s good.

“Honestly, Cat, his hockey sense is off the charts and everyone knows he can score, but how he finds space and how he finds pockets, that honestly took a little bit to get used to. I haven’t played with a player who is looking in spots that not many can find. I’ve tried to really just keep my eyes open when I have the puck for him, but also when he has the puck, I’m trying to get open as well. It’s been really nice so far.”

Keep the Good Times Rolling

The Red Wings are off to a hot start, and DeBrincat has been enjoying playing with Larking and Lucas Raymond.

“Playing with Dylan and (Lucas Raymond), they’re two great players, and I think our play in the d-zone has led to a lot of odd-man rushes and getting chances the other way,” DeBrincat said. “We’re trying to play the right way and I think we’re converting on our chances, which is great. Hopefully we can keep that going.”

“I’ve played with a lot of great players in my career and I’ve tried to watch them and see where they go, try to learn some things from every guy I play with,” DeBrincat said. “So it's a little bit of that and a little bit of natural instincts. Growing up, I was always smaller than everyone and I had to find different ways to score. I wasn’t going to power my way to the net, so had to find different areas.”

Alex DeBrincat thrilled

Bottom Line: Bright Days Ahead for the Red Wings

As the Detroit Red Wings continue their winning streak, the newfound chemistry between Alex DeBrincat and Dylan Larkin is a testament to their potential to be a dynamic scoring duo in the NHL. The team's resurgence is no longer a distant hope but a tangible reality, driven by this partnership. The Red Wings and their fans have every reason to be optimistic about the bright days that lie ahead.