Eduardo Rodriguez lands on proposed FanGraphs trade list

Eduardo Rodriguez is heading to the Cincinnati Reds in this trade proposal from Dan Szymborski of Fangraphs.

It's that time of year and again the Detroit Tigers are going to be sellers. It is what it is at this point and isn't really anything to get the panties up in a bunch about. This season was always about being better than last year but still not good enough for the playoffs. The team has improved, but still isn't good enough for the playoffs – so mission accomplished? Dan Szymborski of Fangraphs made some proposed deals and has Eduardo Rodriguez heading to the Cincinnati Reds.

Why It matters

The Tigers have to sell. There's no doubt about it. They can set themselves up for success in 2024 with the right trades and execution. 2024 doesn't have to be as painful as 2023 has been, and shouldn't be should Scott Harris land some deals with the tradable assets he has. This is truly where his job begins.

Fangraphs ships Eduardo Rodriguez to the Reds

We actually have a similar trade proposed as well, though Szymborski's had a few more assets coming our way. Here's what Szymborski had to say:

The Cincinnati Reds acquire P Eduardo Rodriguez from the Detroit Tigers for P Brandon Williamson, CF Michael Siani, and P Carson Spiers
The NL Central is ripe for the taking, and the Reds really could use a starting pitcher to help secure a division crown. (I originally sent Giolito to Cincinnati, but trades wait for no man… to finish writing his piece.) I don’t expect the Reds to give up the house for anyone — productive minor leaguers are basically a necessity if the team is going to be a basement-tier spender. But I don’t think the Tigers will get a haul for E-Rod, as he’s almost guaranteed to hit free agency via his opt-out — he’ll easily beat the three years and $49 million remaining on his current deal — and carries heightened injury risk. Maybe this isn’t enough to tempt the Tigers, but I’d certainly try to offer a package like this first. I’d be open to talking about Chase Petty or Christian Encarnacion-Strand if I absolutely have to.

Dan Szymborski, Fangraphs.

Siani is the 18th-ranked prospect in the Reds organization and neither pitcher is ranked in their top 30. The clear get here is Siani, who would join an already packed outfield for the Tigers, barring any other moves. Szymborksi does say this is what the package should start with and he could be talked into Christian Encarnacion-Strand, who is exactly who the Tigers should ask for.

The bottom line

While this trade will work acceptably for the Tigers, it doesn't really move the needle. Yes there are complications with E-Rod's opt-out clause, but those types of things can be negotiated around and hopefully negated. At the end of the day, this is a nice trade but not one that makes you think Harris made the team better by dealing his best asset.


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