Eduardo Rodriguez nixes trade to Los Angeles Dodgers

According to reports, the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Dodgers had a deal in place until Eduardo Rodriguez invoked his no-trade clause.

We are now one hour away from the 2023 Major League Baseball Trade Deadline and Eduardo Rodriguez is still a member of the Detroit Tigers. But, according to a report from Jeff Passan, the Tigers had a deal in place to trade Rodriguez to the Los Angeles Dodgers, but there was a small problem. Rodriguez refused to waive his no-trade clause, killing the deal.

Eduardo Rodriguez Detroit Tigers Los Angeles Dodgers

Eduardo Rodriguez nixes trade to Los Angeles Dodgers

Earlier today, a report surfaced that the Dodgers were in ‘hot pursuit' of Rodriguez, and that report turned out to be accurate. With that being said, a separate report noted that the Dodgers were one of the 10 teams in E-Rod's 10-team no-trade clause, and that is the clause the Tigers pitcher invoked to nix the trade before it could happen.

Why it Matters

This puts the Tigers in a very tough spot as they now have under one hour left to trade Rodriguez. If they do not trade him, they will be left with two scenarios. First, they could negotiate a new mega-contract with E-Rod to keep him around long-term, or second, they could let him play out the season, at which time he could decide to opt out and become a restricted free agent. If the second scenario unfolds, the Tigers would lose the talented lefty for nothing.

Eduardo Rodriguez Detroit Tigers Garrett Hill Trade deadline

Key Points

  1. Eduardo Rodriguez, currently with the Detroit Tigers, was almost traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, he used his no-trade clause to cancel the deal, as the Dodgers were part of his 10-team no-trade list.
  2. The Tigers now face a difficult situation with less than an hour remaining to trade Rodriguez. Without a trade, their choices are limited to renegotiating a long-term contract with Rodriguez or letting him play out the season and potentially losing him as a restricted free agent.
  3. The Tigers could potentially lose Rodriguez, a talented left-handed pitcher, without any return if they don't secure a trade and he opts for free agency at the end of the season.

Bottom Line: Rodriguez Flexes His Muscle to Avoid Dodgers

The unsuccessful trade of Eduardo Rodriguez to the Los Angeles Dodgers poses a serious dilemma for the Detroit Tigers. With only a little time remaining before the trade deadline, the Tigers must quickly strategize on how best to utilize Rodriguez's value. Failing to strike a new deal with Rodriguez or trade him might lead to a significant loss for the team, as they risk him leaving as a restricted free agent at the end of the season. This situation highlights the significant influence a no-trade clause can have on trade discussions and a team's strategic planning.