Los Angeles Dodgers in ‘hot pursuit’ of Eduardo Rodriguez as deadline approaches

It sounds like Eduardo Rodriguez's hours are numbered with the Detroit Tigers. The Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly coming in HOT!

We are just hours away from the 2023 MLB Trade Deadline, and Eduardo Rodriguez is still a member of the Detroit Tigers. Well, if the Los Angeles Dodgers have anything to say about the situation, Rodriguez will not be a Tiger for much longer. In fact, according to a report from Jon Heyman, the Dodgers are in ‘hot pursuit' of the Tigers starting pitcher.

Eduardo Rodriguez Detroit Tigers Los Angeles Dodgers

Eduardo Rodriguez to the Los Angeles Dodgers?

As it stands, it sounds like there is little question about it that the Tigers will trade Rodriguez before the deadline passes, the only question is, where will he end up? There are multiple teams reportedly interested in his services, but the Tigers are holding out to get the best return package possible.

What does a package for Rodriguez look like?

Here is what DSN's own Teddy Jackson recently said about a potential return package for E-Rod or Michael Lorenzen.

Could Scott Harris ask for two of their top three prospects? Maybe not, but landing at least one of them, preferably Diego Cartaya would fit the direction of the team. The peripheral additional prospects, which may or may not be added, wouldn't matter if Cartaya is the get. He's a 21-year-old catcher, who is projected to be in the bigs by 2024.

The question is, how aggressive are the Dodgers willing to be? If Scott Harris is letting the market drive up the price, this isn't and out of the ordinary ask. Especially when there have been reports of at least eight teams looking for arms, and not a ton of available assets on the market.

Key Points

Key Point 1: Eduardo Rodriguez, currently a member of the Detroit Tigers, is poised to be traded before the imminent 2023 MLB Trade Deadline. Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly in ‘hot pursuit' of the starting pitcher.

Key Point 2: Multiple teams are interested in Rodriguez, but the Tigers are holding out to optimize the return package. This has left the field open as to where Rodriguez might end up.

Key Point 3: A potential return package for Rodriguez could include one of the top prospects of the Dodgers, preferably 21-year-old catcher Diego Cartaya, who is projected to make it to the big leagues by 2024. It is yet to be seen how aggressively the Dodgers will respond.

Eduardo Rodriguez Detroit Tigers Garrett Hill Trade deadline

Bottom Line: Where will Rodriguez Land?

With the 2023 MLB Trade Deadline quickly approaching, the baseball landscape is on the brink of significant changes, with Detroit Tigers' Eduardo Rodriguez being a key player likely to be traded. His impending departure has sparked interest from multiple teams, including the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are reported to be in intense negotiations for the player. The crux of these trade discussions revolves around what the Dodgers are willing to give in return, with speculations suggesting they might offer their top prospect, Diego Cartaya. The outcome of these negotiations will not only shape Rodriguez's future but also the trajectory of both the Dodgers and Tigers in the years to come.


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