Fan trolls Detroit Tigers SS Javier Baez with t-shirt [Photo]

The t-shirt serves as a comical reminder of the frustration felt by Detroit Tigers fans who had hoped for more from Javier Baez.

In a display of both creativity and brutal honesty, a clever fan took the opportunity to express his frustrations with Detroit Tigers shortstop Javier Baez‘s lackluster performance this season. Sporting a customized t-shirt emblazoned with the words “Can't hit a beachball Baez #28” on the back, the fan made sure Baez couldn't escape his message.

Javier Baez Detroit Tigers
Photo courtesy of @Zac_dreamWeaver on Twitter

A stroke of genius

Amidst a sea of Tigers jerseys and memorabilia, this fan stood out like a sore thumb, or in Baez's case, a struggling batter. The sight of the bold statement on the fan's t-shirt immediately caught the attention of onlookers at Comerica Park, who were quick to chuckle at the audacity and wit of the fan's trolling effort.

Baez's performance hits rock bottom

When the Tigers acquired Baez with a hefty 6-year, $140 million deal prior to the 2022 season, expectations were high for the dynamic shortstop. However, the reality has been far from impressive. Baez's numbers this season have been lackluster, to say the least. With a batting average of just .224, four measly home runs, and a mere 28 RBIs in 58 games, Baez has struggled to find his groove in the batter's box. His OPS (on-base plus slugging) has plummeted to an abysmal .588, marking the lowest point since his rookie year with the Cubs.

The t-shirt that speaks volumes

The fan's t-shirt, bearing the phrase “Can't hit a beachball Baez #28,” seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to describing Baez's struggles. It serves as a comical reminder of the frustration felt by Tigers fans who had hoped for more from the high-priced shortstop. While Baez has certainly showcased his defensive prowess with jaw-dropping plays in the field, it's clear that his offensive struggles have become a cause for concern.

Will Javier Baez rise to the challenge?

With the weight of his contract and the expectations of a struggling fanbase resting on his shoulders, Javier Baez faces an uphill battle to prove his worth as a marquee player for the Tigers. The t-shirt incident serves as a stark reminder that performance on the field is always under scrutiny, especially when accompanied by a hefty price tag.

As Tigers fans await Baez's redemption or resurgence at the plate, it's clear that the fan who donned the “Can't hit a beachball Baez #28” t-shirt has become a symbol of the frustration that has simmered within the fanbase. Only time will tell if Baez can silence his critics and turn his season around, but until then, fans might find solace in the humor provided by a single t-shirt that spoke volumes about the current state of affairs.