Fantasy Football Advice: 8 Players For Week 5 to Buy/Hold/Sell

DSN's Fantasy Factory has eight guys to buy, sell, and hold for Week Five of the NFL Fantasy Football season.

DSN's Fantasy Factory: 8 Guys To Buy/Sell/Hold For Week 5

Dylan Bair: Fantasy football advice coming from the DSN Fantasy Factory. Hello everybody and welcome back to the Fantasy Factory. This time for week five and I have a very special guest with me that is Justin Herbert here on the Fantasy Factory Wall. Yes, he is a part of my primary league. Very excited. Love to have sunshine on my side. He is my fantasy guy. I have had him for who knows how long, very excited.

So I have a lot of energy today because I have Justin Herbert with me. So we are going to be doing an addition of these stocks. Yes, we are doing an addition of the stocks. And the reason why we are doing an addition of the stocks is because we're getting a lot of trades coming in now. The season is really churning up now and a lot of people are really starting to evaluate their rosters, whether or not it's worth it.

I could tell you from my league, my primary one, my 12-team league, whew. Boy that free agency pool is very shallow, so therefore we are not gonna be doing any sleeper sleepers. I got eight guys for you though. Eight. Count 'em. Eight infinity symbols on the side. Eight guys that we are gonna do a buy, sell or hold for, and we are going to start with Tyler Higbee.

Now, anybody who was watching Higbee, you are going to know a hundred percent why I have Tyler Higbee as a buy, if you are in a position of weakness, Tight end is a position of weakness for a lot of people. Tyler Higbee is going to have a ton. You could see here roster-wise, you're probably not getting him from waivers, but if you look over here, look at that target share between him and Cooper Kupp.

33 targets in the Monday night football game. I mean, there is clear that he is the number two behind Kupp. He is getting a solid amount of target share. His fantasy output has been really solid. If you can get into anywhere between eight to 12 points consistently for a tight end, that is why I have Tyler Higbee as a buy next up.

And that is where. This comes in. I am a, dyed in the wool Bears fan. I love the Chicago Bears. What I don't love is Justin Fields as a quarterback, not only for my team but for fantasy football purposes. This one is obviously clear. Not a hold a sell. Yes. Justin Fields is a sell and I would actually go as far as to say a drop.

I don't even know if you're gonna be able to sell him at this point. 44% rostered for anybody in a superflex. Get off this dude. He is a cell. The Bears. This is a remarkable stat that came through. Justin Fields has fewer completions as a quarterback than Cooper Kupp has receptions through four. For fantasy football, let that sink in.

Cooper Kupp on his own has been more productive than the entirety of the Bear's passing attack Under Justin Fields. It hasn't looked the same. Trubisky was clearly a far superior quarterback, at least from a fantasy football perspective. Justin Fields, I mean, he's not running. Because they want him to learn within the pocket, but he isn't fitting into this offense, and Eberflus isn't exactly known for being an offensive stall war genius anyway, on top of the fact that the bears seem completely content on leaning on the defense in the running game, as is always the case in Chicago.

Therefore, just in fields, again, is going to be a hard sell. By far our number one sell/drop of the week. Next up, we have Chris Olave. Now Chris Olave is somebody who has really benefited from one of the primary things on the fancy factory that we care about. Look at. All those targets two weeks in a row with 13.

He had seven this last week, but he was able to score a touchdown. Chris Olave has been somebody that has really filled the void. Michael Thomas kind of looked like he was gonna be getting in there a little bit. But Chris Olave has clearly been somebody that has grown and meant a benefit for this franchise.

And so for that, obviously it's gonna be a buy for Chris Olave. He's somebody who you can definitely get as a wide receiver to flex option. I think he could be a really solid pick, especially for padding some roster depth as the bi-week start to hit. Michael Pittman is a kind of opposite end of the coin.

Now I know our own DSN on Beyond the Box and The Corner. AJ Riley has loved Michael Pittman. He basically drafted him in all leagues. However, Matt Ryan is absolute. Dumpster fire. I mean, Michael Pittman has suffered greatly for them. Michael Pittman's not a bad receiver, but as you could see here in his week four, I mean, those types of games are gonna happen quite often.

That type of volatility has it where without question, I have Michael Pittman as a sell. I would say that at, in. Fact, if you could swap a lave for Pittman, that would actually be not a bad trade. Pittman, I would argue probably has a little bit more upside. However, the consistency just will not be there because Matt Ryan in that offense for Indianapolis is atrocious.

And we've seen that over the first four weeks, and it's hurt another guy who's gonna be on this list as. James Connor is somebody that I actually drafted in almost all of my leagues. However, I have luckily been able to move off him and I say luckily because he is a sell option as well. James Connor, if you look here specifically at the second column in.

That is the number of carries that he's had. And then next to that is yardage. If you do some quick math there, you'll be able to figure out pretty quickly, Oh man, this dude is so inefficient running the ball. I mean, even though he outgained Eno Benjamin and Damien Williams, he still is just doing so poorly at carrying the ball.

And I know that's not gonna be Arizona's game. In general, but for fantasy purposes especially because for some people, especially for positions of weakness, I know that was the case for me. I had him as my RB one. I was able to flip him for Miles Sanders though, though. Oh, I'm so glad that I got rid of him because, oh, oh man.

If I had had James Connor as my number one, that would've been rough. He still is viable. I, if he is deeper on your roster, I have James Connor as a sell. With the inefficiency there's a chance he could wind up losing the job and the health reasons obviously speak for themselves too. This is a guy that is very interesting.

I obviously already talked about Michael Pittman and his, suffering under the Matt Ryan led offense, and Frank Reich seems to just be unable to concoct a consistent offense. They keep cycling through these veteran quarterbacks and in turn, it hurt Jonathan Taylor greatly. However, no. This is held just like Joe Mixon.

Just like Joe Mixon. As I said last week on the Fantasy Factory, Joe Mixon was a hold because of the way that the Cincinnati offense was turning and look low and behold of what he did last week, and I only expect him to be getting even better for winning terms of Joe Mixon. Do not. Despair. You pick Jonathan Taylor's number one overall or spent 60-plus dollars in auction for a reason.

Hold again, I'm gonna put in letters. Hold, hold. Keep the line. This dude is absolutely worth it. His numbers being so poor is not on him. It is on the Indianapolis Colts having less offense with Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan is hurting this dude's fantasy value. There is no question. However, that does not mean Jonathan Taylor isn't going to get it.

You are looking at the carry count here and if he's breaking anything like he did last year again, but for an entire season, over 300 carries. Jonathan Taylor was averaging over five yards per carrying. There is a reason why I have praised this dude as the number one running back in the NFL and for fantasy purposes, I had his number one with the bullet.

Do not fret about this. He is not going to be this poor moving forward. There's just no way the dude is getting the volume. The offense has just been absolutely terrible and there's nothing you can do about that for now, except again to, Hold on, Jonathan Taylor. Hold. Now here is a guy who, ownership-wise, has been really highly touted.

However, there's been a clear shift. Now, there have been some observations that the NFL, some teams are really starting to emphasize more of a bruiser type mentality, where you're kind of banging it out, so to speak, where you have. San Francisco has been that way. Obviously, Green Bay has been turning that way.

Tampa Bay, in a way with Leonard Fournette, has kind of gone that route in Philadelphia. For all the sparks that Jalen Hurts has. I mean, they're still running the ball down people's throats and. The reason why I say this trend is because I do have Aaron Rogers as a sell. There is bias. I understand.

However, from a fantasy perspective, if you're looking at his point, totals with my hand half cut off. If you are looking at what he is able to do from a fantasy perspective, it is very clear that Matt LaFleur knows what his strengths are. AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones. And they are running the ball and they're doing a very good job.

It's not like Green Bay is a bad team by any stretch of the imagination, but for fantasy purposes, this has to be a sell. Use Aaron Rogers' name in order to get some value. You can get a better quarterback out there. There are a lot of guys who, Trevor Lawrence is somebody who I can foresee being a lot better than Aaron Rogers for fantasy purposes.

He's steady Freddy, he's gonna get you no less than at least 12 to 15. I mean, the first week against Minnesota was kind of. Anomaly. We know how Aaron Rogers is in week one. However, I just don't want to rely on this guy considering the path that this offense is heading. And as the weather gets colder, defense stiffens up.

Injuries start to take place. I would have Aaron Rogers as a tepid sell, nowhere near the same as Justin Fields, but a tepid sell.

And my last one and this one is absolutely the most effusive praise that I can make. I'm gonna put it out there right now. That is a buy with the absolute highest exclamation point. There is a reason why the. Drake London has fulfilled the role of a Calvin Ridley very well, Drake London, for all the measurables coming out of the NFL draft, I had a feeling this guy was going to be arguably the best receiver out of the class.

It looks like he is, and not only is it that he has the size at six four he's under 220, but he's still big enough. But it's the target. The target, Kyle Pitts has been nothing remarkably and Drake London has had the vocal point of the offense. Now you don't see it here, but his week four production has not been great, but that is all the more reason why it is a buy.

You can buy low on this guy right now. Even though you probably shouldn't, and also Cordarrelle Patterson being out is going to alter how the offense is going to run. Cordarrelle Patterson was very efficient with his running up until he got hurt. Now, are they really going to rely on my guy, Tyler Allgeier? I love Allgeier, but he's a rookie and I don't suspect that Atlanta's gonna be in a lot of situations where they can comfortably run the ball that much.

If they do, it'll be a surprise. But Marcus Mariota clearly likes this guy. That last game that they had against Cleveland was a much more of a grinded-out kind of performance. I fully suspect Drake London to be above 10 targets in their upcoming matchup and moving forward. And without Cordarrelle Patterson to take more of those chunk running plays, I suspect that Atlanta's gonna be airing it out more, which can also help Kyle Pitts.

But as we've seen, Pitts has no draw away. From London. London is getting him and he is absolutely a wide receiver. One start for me. And he is somebody who you can absolutely buy at a great value. And so for that, Drake London is my absolute number one buy of the week here on the Fantasy Factory. So just summarizing it up here, going out, going real quick.

Rapid fire. We have Tyler Higby, which is at a buy. We Justin Fields at a sell/drop, and we have Chris Olave at a buy. We have Michael Pittman at a sell. We have James Connor at a sell. We have Jonathan Taylor at an absolute hold. Hold the line on that one. We have Aaron Rogers at a tepid sell

if you can flip it for like a Trevor Lawrence, I would, and then also Drake London, the absolute number one buy of the week. This was week 5 of Fantasy Factory. Folks, thank you so much for sticking along with me here and please any trade questions that you have, drop 'em in, whatever, chat on whatever social media this winds up in.

Thank you, everybody. Have a great week. And for my opponents, I hope your players don't score.

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