Filip Zadina’s time with Detroit Red Wings may be finished after all

Filip Zadina may be moving on from the Detroit Red Wings after all.

Maybe Filip Zadina‘s underwhelming time with the Detroit Red Wings may be over for good after all. The former 1st round pick from 2018 was waived earlier this week but with no takers, it was said that he would have to earn a job at training camp. But based on new information, the Red Wings are reportedly looking to terminate the rest of his contract, which would make him a free agent.

Filip Zadina Detroit Red Wings Steve Yzerman

Filip Zadina's career with the Red Wings has been underwhelming

The Red Wings hoped that Zadina would become the goal-scoring forward that he was hyped to be; he even infamously promised to fill the nets of both the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators with pucks after they declined to take him with their selections before Detroit.

He missed a significant chunk of time last season after suffering a broken bone in his lower body. He's amassed only 68 points (28G, 40A) in 190 games in his NHL career.

New information indicates Detroit may terminate his deal

Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet stated earlier today that the Red Wings are considering putting him on waivers in order to terminate the remainder of his deal, which has two years left.

Filip Zadina,Detroit Red Wings

Steve Yzerman tried to seek trade partner for Zadina with no luck

GM Steve Yzerman revealed that Zadina had privately requested a trade from Detroit in order to get a “fresh start”, but Yzerman was unable to find a trading partner. He would be waived and cleared within 24 hours.

“Am I thrilled? Am I happy to put him on waivers? No,” Yzerman said. “I signed him to a three-year contract a year ago because I believed he was going to grow. And when he signed that contract, my expectation was that he wanted to grow with us.”

Key Points

  • Filip Zadina hasn't produced as the Red Wings had expected
  • He was waived earlier this week after Steve Yzerman was unable to find a trade partner
  • Detroit may terminate his contract

Bottom Line

Just because Zadina's career with the Red Wings appears all but finished, it doesn't mean that he can't become the productive NHL forward that he was speculated to have the potential for upon his being drafted.

Should he in fact go elsewhere to continue his NHL career, we wish him luck and hope that he can enjoy success (just not against Detroit).


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