Fired Michigan coach Chris Partridge releases statement

Fired Michigan coach Chris Partridge releases statement. This is Partridge's first public statement since he was fired.

Fired Michigan coach Chris Partridge releases statement

Chris Partridge, the former linebackers coach at Michigan who was recently dismissed amid allegations of sign stealing, has spoken out for the first time since his termination. In a detailed statement released on Monday, Partridge firmly stated that he had no knowledge of any sign-stealing that was going on at the university.

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What did Chris Partridge say?

“Out of deep respect and consideration for the young men of Team 144, I waited to issue this statement to avoid additional distractions to the Team as they achieved their goal of defeating Ohio State and completing an undefeated regular season,” Partridge said.

“Unfortunately, the manner in which the termination of my employment and my role as a Coach at Michigan has been reported is inaccurate and has resulted in people speculating and making assumptions about my knowledge of, and connection to, the sign-stealing allegations within the football program. I want to be clear: I had no knowledge whatsoever of any in-person or illegal scouting, or illegal sign stealing. Additionally, at no point did I destroy any evidence related to an ongoing investigation.

“As explained to me by Michigan Athletic Director Warde Manuel in person on the morning of November 17, 2023, and as forth in my termination letter of the same date, signed by Doug Gnodtke, Michigan Athletics Chief of Staff, I was terminated because of a failure to ‘abide by the University directive not to discuss an ongoing NCAA investigation with anyone associated with the Michigan Football Program.’

“I take pride in being a trusted mentor to the athletes that I coach. One of my core values is to be a source of support, through thick and thin, for each and every student-athlete that I am responsible for. I have never wavered from that responsibility. While I am extremely disappointed by the Unviersity’s decision to terminate my employment, their decision does not change my continued love and support of Coach Jim Harbaugh, the coaches and the players of Team 144 as they continue on their quest for a National Championship.”

This statement marks his first public response to clarify the events leading to his dismissal.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Chris Partridge's Statement Post Termination: Chris Partridge, the former linebackers coach at Michigan, has publicly denied any involvement or knowledge of the alleged sign-stealing activities at the university, following his recent dismissal.
  2. Partridge's Reasons for Delayed Statement: Partridge explained his decision to delay his statement was out of respect for the team, aiming to prevent further distractions as they pursued their goal of defeating Ohio State and completing an undefeated regular season.
  3. Clarification on Termination Reasons: Partridge was terminated for failing to adhere to the University's directive of not discussing an ongoing NCAA investigation. He emphasized his commitment to being a trusted mentor and his continued support for Coach Jim Harbaugh and the team.

Bottom Line: Partridge Speaks Out

Chris Partridge's recent statement sheds light on his perspective regarding the circumstances surrounding his termination from the University of Michigan. By clarifying his lack of involvement in the alleged sign-stealing scandal and the reasons behind his firing, Partridge aims to set the record straight about his role and maintain his reputation as a supportive and ethical mentor to student-athletes. Despite his dismissal, he expresses unwavering support for his former team and their journey towards a national championship.