For Miggy, Being in Detroit Mattered

Fans Showing Up for Miggy Touched Him

For Miggy, Being in Detroit Mattered
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Matt: I think the fans have always been important for Miguel Cabrera.

And from the way he talked about it with his teammates in the locker room afterwards too, I think something that we may look back on, is why the last couple of years warrant what we were hoping out of Miguel Cabrera. I think it’s really important to Miguel Cabrera to do this in front of fans. He talks about this hit and what it felt like when he joined the Tigers in 2007 of, 35- 40,000 fans being at Comerica all the time.

And then the Tiger’s dipped and the fans went with them and we’re at half sold shows and you’re not getting 35-40,000 fans and then COVID happens. Now you got nobody whatsoever to go, even worse than what they were and so do you have this situation where the fans packed the stadium for him these last so many days, because they all wanted to be a part of that history?

I think it helped him a lot. He talked about how important it was for him to do this. I think when you look back at the COVID years and the down years where he wasn’t doing as well, because the Tigers weren’t doing as well, I think the lack of having it, it’s weird to think you’re a professional ballplayer.

Why should this matter? But for some guys that does, some guys relish being the hero, some guys relish being the villain. Some guys don’t care and just go about doing their business. But when you talk about the greats of the greats, and this is where Miggy lies, I think for someone of his status, for whatever reason, this is important to have him do it in front of us.

And he got to, thank God this didn’t happen during the COVID years. I think that would have crushed him, but a full stadium at Comerica.

AJ: Yeah, for sure. There’s no doubt. Whether you’d like to play the hero, you like to play the villain, or you just like going about your business.

There’s something to be said about the energy that you gain from being in front of a home crowd. And he even said so in his press conference, it was very important for him to get 3000 hits this homestand because he wanted to do it in front of the Detroit fans. He got to 500 home runs last season in Toronto, and he goes, this was important.

And I think that you could tell, right? Like in the series against the Yankees, he went off, he went three for four, I think it was the first or second game against the Yankees. And I’m telling you what, man, I’ve told you. I have a buddy that is an usher at the stadium. And he was there when Miggy was one away.

Going into the bottom of the eighth inning. He said that Miggy had three hits and he had never experienced this in a ballpark before, but the pitcher got the ball and everybody’s going crazy. Then stood on the mound and was getting ready to deliver the pitch, it was silent, you could hear a pin drop. He goes, it was the eeriest but also the coolest thing at the same time.

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