Former Detroit Lions’ TE Joseph Fauria believes he is being ‘blackballed’ by NFL

In 2013, Joseph Fauria burst onto the scene for the Detroit Lions as he caught seven touchdowns while becoming a fan-favorite. The following season, Fauria injured his ankle and would only play in seven games. In 2015, he was signed by the Arizona Cardinals but never played in a regular season game. After being released by the Cardinals, Fauria was briefly a member of the New England Patriots practice squad.

At that time, Fauria was only 25-years-old and he was hoping that he still had a future in the NFL but that was not the case.

Fauria recently joined the “Outta Bounds” podcast and it sure sounds like he believes that Colin Kaepernick is not the only former NFL player being blackballed by the league. In fact, it sounds like Fauria believes that he too is being shunned.

From ClickOnDetroit:

“I’m 28 years old,” Fauria said. “I’m not as old as T.O. (Terrell Owens). That’s the thing. For the longest time I was mad at myself for being one of those guys who would chase after the dream when it was slipping through my fingers.”

“You guys know about how my career ended,” Fauria said. “I’m very sure that that got out, people were talking, no one was in my corner and then I got fizzled out. For all intensive purposes, a 6-8, 250-pound tight end who catches three touchdowns in a game should still be in the league.”

“Let’s be very honest: Colin Kaepernick is not the only one to be blackballed in the NFL,” Fauria said. “All this collusion that he’s talking about — he has this backing. He has this name. He had a lot of support because of all the – I don’t want to say all the mess he’s made, but the topics he’s talking about and the stuff that he’s brought to the forefront.”

Feel free to take a listen to Fauria’s comments.



Written by Don Drysdale

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