Former Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty puts Taylor Decker and Detroit Lions on blast

One fact about former Detroit Red Wing Darren McCarty is that he is not afraid to say exactly what is on his mind, even if it is about the home team.

Earlier this week, Detroit Lions LT Taylor Decker called out the media for the way they have treated him while he was dealing with a finger injury.

“I don’t feel like it’s been deserved,” Decker told reporters. “I do feel like people within the building, and I do feel like a lot of fans appreciate me and what I can do for this team. But yeah, the media pretty much all year has been pretty negative around me. I’m not going to act like I like that. I think it was bullshit. I’ve played a lot of football here and I think I’ve played well.”

Well, McCarty caught wind of Decker’s rant and he is not happy.

On Thursday, McCarty blasted Decker and the Lions’ locker room, calling them “mentally soft.”

“Worry about winning games instead of worrying about some media guy being mad at you,” McCarty passionately stated. “It’s a freaking joke. … It’s such BS to what’s important. So don’t let it. It shows you how mentally soft it is in that locker room. Because that’s a leader and he’s showing you. If Taylor Decker is your leader and he’s showing you what bothers him. Outside noise.” 

Nation do you agree with McCarty?

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