Former Lions and Patriots linebacker says Matthew Stafford isn’t far behind Tom Brady

In 145 career starts over 10+ seasons in the NFL, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has thrown for 39,648 yards and 246 touchdowns.

Despite his statistical success, Stafford never gets the credit he deserves because he has yet to lead the Lions to a single playoff victory.

That being said, for those of us who have played and or understand the game of football, it is 100% clear that Stafford is an extremely talented quarterback and he has not been the problem in Detroit over the past decade.

One person who agrees with that thought is former Lions and New England Patriots linebacker, Bobby Carpenter, who came out on Twitter to say he believes Stafford is not far behind the GOAT Tom Brady in terms of the complete package.

“He's always been a beast…played with Matty, Romo and Brady. Stafford had the best arm talent and wasn't far behind in decision making and field vision,” Carpenter tweeted in a reply to Ryan Clark.

Statistically speaking, Stafford and Brady are very comparable over their first 145 games in the league. During that time, Stafford completed 62.4% of his passes for 39,648 yards and 246 touchdowns to go along with 131 interceptions. In Brady's first 145 games in the league, he completed 63.6% of his pass attempts for 34,744 yards and 261 touchdowns to go along with 103 interceptions.

Is Matthew Stafford as good as Tom Brady? Of course not. But guess what, the difference is not as much as the haters will tell you.