Former Michigan football star David Ojabo has season-ending surgery

Former Michigan football star has season-ending surgery. It has been a very tough start to his career.

Former Michigan football star David Ojabo has season-ending surgery

David Ojabo, a former Michigan football star, has faced a difficult beginning to his NFL career with the Baltimore Ravens. Recently, Ojabo underwent surgery to repair a partially torn ACL, as confirmed on Monday by Ravens head coach John Harbaugh.

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John Harbaugh Breaks the News

While speaking to the media on Monday, Harbaugh, who is the brother of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, said that Ojabo wanted to continue playing but he had to do what was best for his future.

“He had to make a decision about it, in terms of whether to risk it or not,” Harbaugh said. “Every medical expert said to get it fixed. He wanted to play, but even I told him, ‘Man, you’ve got to get that right for the rest of your career, because it’s a clean type of surgery.’”

Why it Matters

This surgery marks the end of Ojabo’s season, a significant setback for the promising outside linebacker. Ojabo, who suffered an Achilles tear at Michigan’s pro day, had already faced challenges leading up to the NFL draft. Initially projected as a first-round pick, he slid to the second round, where he was eventually selected by the Ravens. Ojabo’s resilience was evident as he returned from injured reserve to play in Baltimore’s first three games this season. However, a knee injury sustained during his first career start against the Indianapolis Colts led to his placement on injured reserve, culminating in the recent surgery.

David Ojabo

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. David Ojabo's Season-Ending Injury: David Ojabo, the former Michigan football star and current Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker, has undergone season-ending surgery to repair a partially torn ACL.
  2. Setbacks and Recovery: This surgery follows Ojabo's previous Achilles tear before the 2022 NFL Draft, which had already impacted his draft position and early NFL career. Despite these setbacks, he is expected to recover in time for next season's training camp.
  3. Early NFL Career Challenges: Ojabo's NFL journey has been marked by significant challenges, including falling in the draft due to injury and now facing a major knee surgery.

The Bottom Line – Ojabo's Road to Recovery

David Ojabo’s season-ending knee surgery is a significant hurdle in his nascent NFL career. However, with a positive outlook for recovery and the support of the Ravens, Ojabo has the opportunity to return stronger for the next season. His early challenges, while daunting, could shape him into a more resilient and determined athlete. The focus now shifts to his rehabilitation and preparation for the next season, where he aims to fully realize his potential and make a significant impact in the NFL.